Hello there :)

This blog is my attempt to be a normal teenage girl ;) It's really just the visions of an average girl blogger who's not ready to grow up but ready to leave her scent on the world (the internet world that is).

Here's just a brief list of things about me :)

I'm just an 18 year old girl from Sydney, Australia.
I'm a second year @UNSW.
I like music
I'm developing an interest in photography & fashion :).
I love mushrooms, strawberries, turtles, and Hello Kitty <3
I spend most of my time on tumblr, eating and socialising :D
I seem to have unrealistic expectations
I'm odd/awkward. People also tell me that I'm weird.
I love lame jokes <3 but not as much as I love moustaches;
but not as much as I love lame jokes especially about moustaces :)

I'm sorta a net junkie, so you can find me in heaps of places on the net ;D and this is one of those places. This is just my personal blog where I blog whatever I want, whenever I want. No need to be a bitch okay? :)

Well hope you enjoy the posts :)

last updated 06.05.2011