Friday, July 8, 2011

Transformers 3 + boots

Soooo today I finally celebrated my boyfriend's birthday since he was sick ALL WEEK and we couldn't go anywhere, but today he felt a bit better (yay!) so he drove us down to Beverly Hills cinema for Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon (?) in 3D. I have read reviews and read about how bad Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was. So, I braced myself for horrible acting, but she was actually alright. I mean I wouldn't know, I was sorta more interested in dat ass. I mean shes just there (thanks Michael Bay) for the looks right? She had like a total of 10 lines or something and all she had to do was look pretty, run, scream and cry or whatever. She's there strutting around in her heels, driving that $$$$$$$$$ car and little tight dresses which allow you to see the crevices of her skin. But anyways, she's not ass bad ass (pun/typo intended) described even though her voice was kinda annoying. People with an English accent sounds smart no mater what they say (Russell Brand) but she didn't sound any smarter. Okay, back to the movie, I rate it... 5/10. To be honest I didn't really get it, but the 3D and graphics and effects or what have you were pretty good and I guess most of the story made sense... but only because I could predict it.

Her thumbs aren't that much better than Megan Fox's but at least she's natural
 And I noticed that she had a tattoo... I thought Victoria Secrets Angels can't have tattoos? Or is that not true?
Oh and is Beverly Hills Cinemas like... stealing off Greater Union/Event Cinemas or something? Why does it say Event Cinemas when it's ad time?? Whatever, it is alot cheaper and the popcorn is pretty great. 

Anyways, when I'm out and about, I've been hunting for black combat/military boots. I have a pair of ones by Therapy Shoes and I have never tried on another pair that fits the same or is as comfy (even other styles by Therapy). The style is called Corporal and it's on their website for only $30 now !!! (originally $70) but I need a size 8 and they only have 9 and 10. Amidst all this, I've been wearing the pair I have a lot and then this happened:

My favourite pair of shoes
Corporal by Therapy

I WAS SO DEVASTATED. I even tweeted about it. I was on the brink of crying. I was.. okay. I know, it's just a hook but it is so hard to find a comfy shoe. It is just amazing. So if ANYONE knows WHERE THIS STYLE IS STOCKED I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW PLEASE. I bought this pair for $50 but I'd pay $70 for it. That's saying a lot for an asian bargain hunter like me okay? I'm going to wear these until it is unwearable. The only style/brand that is similar to this boot is Mooloola or something which is sold in City Beach and they have one similar to this but unfortunately the sole is not as comfortable and I didn't want to buy it for $40 and wear it in because the Therapy pair didn't have to be worn in. It was comfy from day 1.

Oh well, I bought another pair of boots today, I saw them for $10 at Kmart so I thought why not! :)

RRP $19 which is REALLY CHEAP already
They are shiny and black and I don't have any shoes with this texture. Also, I just thought it would be good for work cos I tried wearing flats a couple of times and it just made my feet sore. And I think these would look okay with skinny jeans at work and stockings when I go out :). 

Thats all for now :)
AHHH 10 days til uni!!

take care xoxo

Oh and here's my favourite shit brix photo just for you :)
haha ask me if you don't see it xD.

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