Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I have nothing to blog about

Hi everyone! Haven't been blogging because I have nothing to blog about. What a fail blogger. But lately I've been on the net alot and I just wanted to include some interesting links for you guys (since I've been boring... :( ) Anyways today I found a flickr user who does really cute typographics! :)

The Notebook Doodles is so cute and creative! I wish I was half as creative!! I mean I don't draw or anything and I can't even write neat ahaha. So I like looking at his/her typographics and photos. If I ever do get a camera I swear I'll take a lot of photos and blog about it :D

My fruit ninja high score in arcade mode is 803 ;)

A blog that I wanted to share is The Dainty Squid who's this bright and creative (another creative being! I feel so bland LOL) female and her blog is just so pretty to look at! I absolutely adore her photos and her photography skills <3 From her I discovered the burning house which lets people submit a photo which answers the question: what would you take from your burning house? By doing this, you can see that everyone has a different point of view. Everyone has different priorities. Everyone has a different personality. And also that people have some interesting things in their house! :) 

How do you manage to take all these things??

I've been thinking about it, and I have no idea what to take!! I want to take everything! I mean, I need clothes don't I?? And what's the point of taking my laptop, for example, if my house is burnt down. I'd have no internet. I'd guess I'd take my work clothes and a few dresses..and... coats.. and my favourite bags... OH AND MY GUITAR. Hmmm....

Nice and simple :)

So what would you take???

Thats all from me, hope you enjoy the sites! :D

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