Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bang bang; Yay for 30 :)

Just some random notes:
- Today is 7eleven $1 day guys so if you want some cheap food go there :D
- Ahhh it's 3 hours before my exam and I'm cramming like heaps!!! ><
I'm pretty freaked about going into the exam and then reading the questions and freaking out cos I don't know enough ><;

Oh wells.
PSYC2061 here I come! cos after it I'm freeeee~ for a month :) then back to uni :(

It's not blurred.. It's just glarey... >_>

Yay for blue nails! Bright blue on this gloomy grey day D: 
BYS Nail Enamel - Blue Bang
I think this would look really good with the Black Crackle nail polish over it! Or just a base for nail art cos it's pretty bright! :D
Not really a big fan of the Black Crackle but I would love to try the white one!

Click read more if you wanted to know what the title is about. Please use your discretion. Just warning you now. Haha
Yay for 30 months :D ahahah

Oh and as you can see we love using Instgram ahaha
*We had our ups and downs and breaks, but our whole journey has been 30 months. Well. Not counting our friendship years so it's not our WHOLE journey but you know what I mean :).

Take care. xoxo

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