Thursday, June 16, 2011

WHEN YOU SEE IT... *updated and a little disappointed.

Give up?

Dianna Agron. Her shirt. Likes Girls. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG
oh my lovely Dianna.
I just can't.


Hey hey! So Dianna Agron wrote a blog post about this on her tumblr and she said

I was not raised in a family that accepted prejudice or hatred. For that, I thank my Mom and Dad each and every day. Look, we are human, we make mistakes. I will gladly shout from the rooftops that I AM NOT PERFECT. Nor will I ever be. But I can happily say that to my knowledge, I do not ever intentionally cause people pain. I love my family, my friends, my co-workers…and they all consist of girls AND boys. I do tell them that I love them. Yesterday, during our second show,  Instead of wearing my usual shirt during “Born This Way” I decided to wear one that said “Likes Girls”. It should actually have read, “Loves Girls”, because I do. The women in my life give me things that the men in my life can’t. And vice-versa. No, I am not a lesbian, yet if I were, I hope that the people in my life could embrace it whole-heartedly. And let me tell you, I can easily spill (quite comfortably) what I admire, respect and think is beautiful about any of the women in my life. Piece of cake!

She wrote a lot more, but that part sorta clears the air about what it means about her sexuality - not that it mattered. (okay.. it mattered to me. A little. Sorry to the boyfriend. Ha.) but just by reading that, how can you NOT LIKE her? She is so beautiful and talented, and she has a critical mind, a logical mind and a just mind. Words can't really describe how much I admire her... :')

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