Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I've got ears! Oh.. wait, I was born with ears..

Lalala nothing to post, so here's what I'm wearing today. It's freaking WINDY!

Furry Ears Beanie from ASOS
When I got this beanie, I put it on and I'm like to my mum "MUM MUM I've got ears! LOOK!" and then I realised what I said and quickly added "Nevermind!!!". LOL. I realised I already had normal human ears and just sounded stupid! LOL

SES leather jacket ($35 off)
All about eve hoodie

These stockings are soo thick they're almost like jeggings!
Dotii shorts (they were like 60% off)
Trend rant:
But you can't wear them without something covering it or it's indecent exposure okay? You can't just wear stockings or really thin tights without shorts or a skirt or something long. It's just so gross - you're walking up the stairs and you look up and there is someone's ass. Whether it's undies or nothing at all - it's just GROSS. No one wants to see that. You do not wear hoisery like that. Please be considerate of others >_>

Other trends I'm not really liking
Hair turbans
And wearing summer clothes in winter. Like seriously?? Aren'tyou cold???

<3 my Docs
finished my outfit off with these babies
$175 Paul Dane (have seen them cheaper/more expensive)

Dark blue eyeliner for top line, purple for bottom
discolourised by phone camera.
I really need a new camera. LOL

Yeah that's about it :)
Hope you're enjoying your week!! :) xoxo.

I wanna see a sky full of lighters

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