Thursday, June 16, 2011

FREEDUMB! :D & the sad story.

Hey guys! Guess what?
I'm FREEE!! for a month or so! ahaha. I still have work and all that, but I don't have to worry about studying or assignments! YEE!

Since it's winter and all, I'm not that excited about the holidays but I do have a list of things to do :)

What to do these holidays
- Eat
- Blog.
- Sleep
- Re-watch Skins. 

I am so interesting aren't I? But nah I do want to:
- Shop!!
- Bake stuff with the boyfriend
- Make outfits + tidy wardrobe
- Take photos - ohhh possibly buy a camera!
- Tidy room

Oh yeah, can't wait for Simple Plan's new album to come out! It's been ages and I used to loveee them so much! But then they stopped being so popular, but now they're back yay! :)

Get Your Heart On! Album cover 

Oh! I forgot to talk about the sad story. ahaha.

Today was one dollar day
at seven-eleven
I was really happy because
the banana milk was only for a dollar
all the greedy people at campsie
bought all the milk
I wanted banana milk
I love banana milk
I didn't get any banana milk
the end. 


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