Sunday, May 8, 2011

Really short product review: Rubi shoes nail polishes

Product: Rubi Shoes (by Cotton On) Kim Nail Polish in Sky and Purple Haze
Made in China
RRP$4.95 bought for $2 each.

So I bought two of these purely cos of the colour. Which I already written about in another post.
So I'm applying them again today, and the smell really got to me and my mum. The smell of these nail polishes are absolutely horrid. It is so strong that it makes us nauseous! I'm not sure what it is but I'm thinking of getting rid of them. And they are really sheer - I have to apply around 4 coats of the blue one for it to look good.

Yup. Not buying them again. I don't even want to use them again ==;;

I didn't even want to do a product review, but yeh, there we go. It's just that bad LOL.


EDIT: turns out I sorta already reviewed them in that other post. Yes, they are that stinky I had to reiterate the fact!

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