Thursday, April 7, 2011

Updates and random crap :)

WOO Going to Bruno Mars at Big Top Luna Park next Thursday! Have you ever thought of how weird of a name that is*? Mr Mars. Hey Bruno! Bruno. Mars. lol. But it sounds great together aye? I actually won the tickets :) I didn't even mean to! I was automatically entered into the competition because I was a member of the Video Hits Empire :) THANKS Video Hits & Network Ten (my favourite channel btw.)!

I've been busy with uni actually, so I haven't been blogging much! >< I've just been sharing really short posts. Ahahaha as you can all tell! When season 2 of Glee finishes I might proceed to do the 30 Day Glee Challenge :) It should be fun :D.

I shall now share with you my really recent purchase of.. $130!! ><; so muchhh on a shirt..

And as always, I must post some food porn for my ever so lusting stomach xD.

Pho An Beef Special Large $13

Ice cream & cake from.. a icecreamery in Bankstown..
Coffee House? meh.

*Oh silly me, Bruno Mars is not his real name ><; His real name is Peter Gene Hernandez. Okay, that sounds more normal. Peter Hernandez/Gene Hernandez isn't a bad name though.

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