Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Maxi skirts. *UPDATED 22/04/11

My bestie linked me the asos page of maxi skirts and I really fell in love with these three :)

Image 1 of Shakuhachi Silk Maxi Skirt In Floral Print

Shakuhachi Silk Maxi Skirt In Floral Print

Image 1 of Shakuhachi Pleats Please Maxi Skirt

Shakuhachi Pleats Please Maxi Skirt


Image 1 of Staple Combo Mesh Maxi Skirt

Staple Combo Mesh Maxi Skirt


here's the link to Maxi Skirts @ Asos :)


Not sure who owns this photo

Not sure where this is from too but it's soo pretty.

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