Thursday, April 28, 2011

I need books to read.

Bought a new book. :) really really cheap buy.

D.B. Shan is a pseudonym for Darren Shan who I think a lot of people know. I haven't read his books and I decided to give this adult fiction novel a try. 

Does anyone have any other books they would like to recommend to me? I really liked Dan Brown's Digital Fortress, I used to read Meg Cabot alot (wow that just narrows it down to anything LOL)
I think I'll be interested into books about crime, an inspirational book maybe? and MAYBE something about love. I don't know. I need to just build my vocabulary and expression of language and do something proactive (is that even the right word? (see what I mean)) whilst spending 50 mins of travel to uni. 

My favourite fashion magazine (wow, didn't even do a segue there ninhkinpoop) would have to be Fashion Journal... which is FOR FREE from retailers. I got mine from work, and another from uberstore at the city but I have to find where they have the current issues! So if you know please tell me because I absolutely love everything in those magazines. Here's the site if you're interested. You can also view the magazine online, but I like to keep it with me and collect them :)


Yup, that's all for now! BACK TO MY TWO 2000-2500 ESSAYS! ><

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