Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I feel pretty/unpretty + OOTD: Maxx`d out

The voice of angels. No joke.

From Glee - I Feel Pretty/Unpretty, a duet by Quinn (Dianna Agron <3) and Rachel (Lea Michele)

Anyways. My mum has been bombarded with images of maxi skirts as I find them on the net and I grab my netbook and run to her and stuff it in her face lol. She went into the storage room and started looking inside cupboards and drawers and found this beauty:

I have no curves. Not even in a good/skinny way.

The maxi skirt!! :) She said it's been around 15 years or so since she's worn it!!
<3 Vintage finds :)

Cropped lace shirt: Supre
Black singlet underneath
White tights underneath: really old Supre Sporte
Belt: Thrifted from Vinnies (have a butterfly one as well)
Maxi Skirt: from mum :) Old school Sportsgirl! - the tag is made out of a durable paper material!

And here are some rings, 

By Kaboodle Designs
I love florals :)


  1. YAAY! Another Australian!! Love that skirt and that Glee song!! I <3 Glee!

    Monique xx


  2. Hey hun, I really like your blog :) And bring on the maxi! Maybe I should ask my mum to delve into the corners of her wardrobe and see if she has any awesome finds :)
    Thanks for your lovely comment.
    I am following to keep up with your fun posts !

    Talitha xx