Saturday, April 9, 2011

I can never get perfect nails. lol

Multi-pastel-coloured nails :)

so here's the blue and the purple that I used on my nails. I picked these up because these colours are just soo pretty and they're on sale right now at Cotton On [Kim Nail Polish]! They're $2 while the other colours are $4.95 (original price) I'm not sure why because these colours are the prettiest. Anyways they really give off a strong bad smell when you're applying it and even when it's drying! It makes me worry why it's so strong. It says made in China. =/ hmm. Well it's not as consistent as you can get, but if you really try, you can see in my photo, it's pretty consistent.
The blue is called Sky and it took 4 coats to get that colour to be that intense! 4 COATS! and it was really stinky ><
The purple is called Purple Haze and it took 3 coats to get that colour. 
They must be topped with a top coat or they'll chip really easily.
This is okay for $2 I guess. But I've bought Ulta3 before for $2 and it was a little bit better in the consistency and chip-resistant aspet. So I wouldn't buy it at full price. The green on my nails is pretty good and that was $3 original price and it's like 4 for $10. It's from Morning Glory and it's made in Korea.
Oh yeah, another thing I bought from Morning Glory is the nail polish remover. It's scented! I bought the fruit scent and omg, you can get high from that! It's a lovely smell, and it was only $2 at the time (it's $4 now) so you can check it out if you like cos it's made in Korea as well :).

anyways take care xoxo.

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