Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gifts for Mother's Day

I don't normally buy gifts for my mum (*gasp*) but this year I did! Here's what I bought :)

Traveller Mug from Typo - RRP$12.95 got it reduced. 50% then further 30% sale

okay, that's the only picture I can find for it, but I bought this cos it has animals and my grandma/mum likes animals :) ahahah. 

Now, I'm not a baker, but since mum is in the kitchen so much, you guys should bake her something! :) My bestfriend is cake-savvy and made these for us for Easter!! :) I would steal her picture, but here's just a photo of my own little cupcake LOL.

Cute right? Look at the seductive crunchie egg reveling itself like that *drools*
That's actually I have to show you guys right now :) what are you going to get your mum? 
And yes, if you read that question you should answer. Cos my comments are lonely :( lols. 
toOdles :) and hope you have a great week xoxo.

1 comment:

  1. I am getting my mum a white watch :)

    Monique xx