Thursday, April 7, 2011


Sorry about the title, I was wiping jizz off my keyboard.
LOL. omg that's so gross, but come on. Look at those bamf`ing wedges.

These were handpainted and are on sale on etsy! It's pretty hard to believe they're handpainted though... like look at the colours and the little details! I didn't even know you can paint on that material! (Suede/leather/faux leather). Omg Love. Link to the flickr. Link to the etsy.

Talking about shoes and feet. Here's a picture of my first pedicure! (Done by yours truly.) I know some of you don't like looking at feet, so here's a warning!. LOL but my toes are cute okay? Megan Fox's thumbs are an insult to my toes. xD

My flash is REALLY crap. ==;

Without flash

Nothing special. But I just haven't done my toe nails before. :) I mixed the two colours together! I put one coat of the Portmans Nail Lacquer on first, and then the Sally Hanson one to make a really pretty pink :)
YAY! Cos they don't look pretty alone unfortunately (esp the portmans one on my skin colour :()

That's it for todayy :) ttyl xoxo.

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