Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gifts for Mother's Day

I don't normally buy gifts for my mum (*gasp*) but this year I did! Here's what I bought :)

Traveller Mug from Typo - RRP$12.95 got it reduced. 50% then further 30% sale

okay, that's the only picture I can find for it, but I bought this cos it has animals and my grandma/mum likes animals :) ahahah. 

Now, I'm not a baker, but since mum is in the kitchen so much, you guys should bake her something! :) My bestfriend is cake-savvy and made these for us for Easter!! :) I would steal her picture, but here's just a photo of my own little cupcake LOL.

Cute right? Look at the seductive crunchie egg reveling itself like that *drools*
That's actually I have to show you guys right now :) what are you going to get your mum? 
And yes, if you read that question you should answer. Cos my comments are lonely :( lols. 
toOdles :) and hope you have a great week xoxo.

Friday, April 29, 2011

U lyk mah fotographi skillz? (humour intended...)

Okay, I am not a photographer, but I do like to take photos. And I am a big fan of editing photos, okay? So just putting that out there :)

Here's some taken with my boyfriend's iPod touch when we went to the Royal Easter Show. And yeah, I bought the Hello Kitty showbag I wanted yeeeee! :)

*Now I'm tagging this post as photography, because it has what I like to call photography in it, my photos and photos taken with a photographic program. I am not claiming that this is a gallery of photographic pieces for show, it is just a blog post which depicts my easter outing :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I need books to read.

Bought a new book. :) really really cheap buy.

D.B. Shan is a pseudonym for Darren Shan who I think a lot of people know. I haven't read his books and I decided to give this adult fiction novel a try. 

Does anyone have any other books they would like to recommend to me? I really liked Dan Brown's Digital Fortress, I used to read Meg Cabot alot (wow that just narrows it down to anything LOL)
I think I'll be interested into books about crime, an inspirational book maybe? and MAYBE something about love. I don't know. I need to just build my vocabulary and expression of language and do something proactive (is that even the right word? (see what I mean)) whilst spending 50 mins of travel to uni. 

My favourite fashion magazine (wow, didn't even do a segue there ninhkinpoop) would have to be Fashion Journal... which is FOR FREE from retailers. I got mine from work, and another from uberstore at the city but I have to find where they have the current issues! So if you know please tell me because I absolutely love everything in those magazines. Here's the site if you're interested. You can also view the magazine online, but I like to keep it with me and collect them :)


Yup, that's all for now! BACK TO MY TWO 2000-2500 ESSAYS! ><

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I feel pretty/unpretty + OOTD: Maxx`d out

The voice of angels. No joke.

From Glee - I Feel Pretty/Unpretty, a duet by Quinn (Dianna Agron <3) and Rachel (Lea Michele)

Anyways. My mum has been bombarded with images of maxi skirts as I find them on the net and I grab my netbook and run to her and stuff it in her face lol. She went into the storage room and started looking inside cupboards and drawers and found this beauty:

I have no curves. Not even in a good/skinny way.

The maxi skirt!! :) She said it's been around 15 years or so since she's worn it!!
<3 Vintage finds :)

Cropped lace shirt: Supre
Black singlet underneath
White tights underneath: really old Supre Sporte
Belt: Thrifted from Vinnies (have a butterfly one as well)
Maxi Skirt: from mum :) Old school Sportsgirl! - the tag is made out of a durable paper material!

And here are some rings, 

By Kaboodle Designs
I love florals :)

Maxi skirts. *UPDATED 22/04/11

My bestie linked me the asos page of maxi skirts and I really fell in love with these three :)

Image 1 of Shakuhachi Silk Maxi Skirt In Floral Print

Shakuhachi Silk Maxi Skirt In Floral Print

Image 1 of Shakuhachi Pleats Please Maxi Skirt

Shakuhachi Pleats Please Maxi Skirt


Image 1 of Staple Combo Mesh Maxi Skirt

Staple Combo Mesh Maxi Skirt


here's the link to Maxi Skirts @ Asos :)


Not sure who owns this photo

Not sure where this is from too but it's soo pretty.

Friday, April 22, 2011


I wonder how it feels to walk in these babies?!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I can never get perfect nails. lol

Multi-pastel-coloured nails :)

so here's the blue and the purple that I used on my nails. I picked these up because these colours are just soo pretty and they're on sale right now at Cotton On [Kim Nail Polish]! They're $2 while the other colours are $4.95 (original price) I'm not sure why because these colours are the prettiest. Anyways they really give off a strong bad smell when you're applying it and even when it's drying! It makes me worry why it's so strong. It says made in China. =/ hmm. Well it's not as consistent as you can get, but if you really try, you can see in my photo, it's pretty consistent.
The blue is called Sky and it took 4 coats to get that colour to be that intense! 4 COATS! and it was really stinky ><
The purple is called Purple Haze and it took 3 coats to get that colour. 
They must be topped with a top coat or they'll chip really easily.
This is okay for $2 I guess. But I've bought Ulta3 before for $2 and it was a little bit better in the consistency and chip-resistant aspet. So I wouldn't buy it at full price. The green on my nails is pretty good and that was $3 original price and it's like 4 for $10. It's from Morning Glory and it's made in Korea.
Oh yeah, another thing I bought from Morning Glory is the nail polish remover. It's scented! I bought the fruit scent and omg, you can get high from that! It's a lovely smell, and it was only $2 at the time (it's $4 now) so you can check it out if you like cos it's made in Korea as well :).

anyways take care xoxo.

Friday, April 8, 2011

I don't understand why I can't be pretty :(

man she's so gorgeous.
then again, if i was pretty, i'd probably use my prettiness to get me places and be a total bitch to everyone; because i can.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Sorry about the title, I was wiping jizz off my keyboard.
LOL. omg that's so gross, but come on. Look at those bamf`ing wedges.

These were handpainted and are on sale on etsy! It's pretty hard to believe they're handpainted though... like look at the colours and the little details! I didn't even know you can paint on that material! (Suede/leather/faux leather). Omg Love. Link to the flickr. Link to the etsy.

Talking about shoes and feet. Here's a picture of my first pedicure! (Done by yours truly.) I know some of you don't like looking at feet, so here's a warning!. LOL but my toes are cute okay? Megan Fox's thumbs are an insult to my toes. xD

My flash is REALLY crap. ==;

Without flash

Nothing special. But I just haven't done my toe nails before. :) I mixed the two colours together! I put one coat of the Portmans Nail Lacquer on first, and then the Sally Hanson one to make a really pretty pink :)
YAY! Cos they don't look pretty alone unfortunately (esp the portmans one on my skin colour :()

That's it for todayy :) ttyl xoxo.

Updates and random crap :)

WOO Going to Bruno Mars at Big Top Luna Park next Thursday! Have you ever thought of how weird of a name that is*? Mr Mars. Hey Bruno! Bruno. Mars. lol. But it sounds great together aye? I actually won the tickets :) I didn't even mean to! I was automatically entered into the competition because I was a member of the Video Hits Empire :) THANKS Video Hits & Network Ten (my favourite channel btw.)!

I've been busy with uni actually, so I haven't been blogging much! >< I've just been sharing really short posts. Ahahaha as you can all tell! When season 2 of Glee finishes I might proceed to do the 30 Day Glee Challenge :) It should be fun :D.

I shall now share with you my really recent purchase of.. $130!! ><; so muchhh on a shirt..

And as always, I must post some food porn for my ever so lusting stomach xD.

Pho An Beef Special Large $13

Ice cream & cake from.. a icecreamery in Bankstown..
Coffee House? meh.

*Oh silly me, Bruno Mars is not his real name ><; His real name is Peter Gene Hernandez. Okay, that sounds more normal. Peter Hernandez/Gene Hernandez isn't a bad name though.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Netbook wireless connectivity problems :(

Soo my netbook keeps disconnecting from wireless internet /wifi/wlan and I'm getting pretty frustrated and angry at it!
- Netbook: Gateway LT3106a
- Running on Windows 7 Home Premium 32x
- Atheros AR5B95 Wireless Network Adapter

* I have already tried updating the driver several times

So I would connect, and after a while, it would disconnect but reconnect automatically.
This happens randomly, there's no pattern as I can tell. Sometimes I can use it for an hour or more before that happens, but other times it can be a couple of minutes before it disconnects again.
Thing is, it's not my router, because it happens to me when I use the internet at uni as well.
Also, my other laptop works fine at home - hasn't had disconnecting problems at all.
Proximity to the router/signal strength doesn't change/help this in any way.
It's fine when using ethernet.

=/ I wonder if anyone has any answers.
It is really getting to me and I really don't recommend buying anything from Harvey Norman because this is not the first problem I've had with this product and with buying things from the store.

# netbook disconnects from wireless internet

Friday, April 1, 2011


I'm not sure if she has really big round eyes or whatever, but if she doesnt, this is such a good makeup look that will give you nice round doll-like eyes. It's a nice effect isn't it? 
How pretty <3

This is pretty too:

*I'm obsessed with curled/curling eyelashes