Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Yeah, maybe if you bid, you'd have to be prepared to win on eBay. I sorta wasn't. I was just bidding on this bag and I've never really bidded to the $16 mark. But I see this bag go for $20.50 alot and a few days ago it was at $30 (the seller relists, so that's why I don't really wanna bid high on it, once it was only $12). But anyways, I won the auction at $16.12 :) woo.

Here is the one I won. Check the seller for this item again if you want it!
There's other colours and other bags :)

Hopefully I can fit my netbook in it for uni this year! :D 
So I'll be looking forward to it arriving! :D

nts. date payment cleared: 01/02/11
15 - 30 days delivery :)

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