Thursday, January 20, 2011

Who would want bread?

I DO! I won this guy at Capitols! On those skill tester claw machines :)

Total amount used on bread: $1
Total amount used on Capitol/Prize Paradize claw machines: $100+ or something LOL.


  1. Nawww, thanks for the super sweet comment! HAHA xD
    Yes, we'll totez hang out in the City together... if you feel like hanging out with me >.<" :( HAHAHA. I don't plan to drive to uni. It'll cost way too much! =="
    I've caught up on your entries and it looks like you've been having super fun. :D The food looks so delicious in your anniversary post! xD HAHA! & congrats on your bread win! x)
    HAHA, I hope all has been well! xx

  2. of course I wanna hang out with you :D we can go eat nice foods xD
    stay awesomee :) xoxo