Friday, January 7, 2011

new toy :) n97 bby

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updated! been busy! This post won't have much content because I just wanna show off my new phone LOL.

I guess I'll give it a mini-review.

Box is huge! such a waste of space!

It looks like a toy! lol.

Where's my stylus? :( 
Here it is 'in action!'
So this is the Nokia N97 guys - not N97 mini and you can read up on tech specs here.
It's really pretty I guess, compared to my brick of a phone before which was the Nokia N96 (see what I did there, I actually had an actual upgrade lol).
It has been great so far, but just a little bit confusing. I like how my old phone functions, like the music player with the specialised music keys and all. I like how this is touch/keyboard but most functions you can't use the keyboard, and I don't know, it's okay. My thumbs will always be too big for qwerty keyboard phones! This is a decent size but I always feel like I'm pressing nothing, but I already pressed the key LOL. Keyboard feels like a touch sorta thing to me in that case and so it's pretty silent.

Well I'm still getting used to it so I don't have much else to report except it has a really loud camera sound and I'm trying to disable it. My old phone had it too, but the software update stuffed up, and with that, the camera sound turned off! YAY! dw, I'll try signing apps and things like that and I'll sort it out :)

Well I hope you're having a good start to 2011.
Take care guys!

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  1. Wow, that's really cool! I bet you're really excited to use this new phone :-). I'm not really into learning how to use new gadgets even though I really should; like my phone that's supposed to have "everything" but I barely use it except to take calls or text my friends. I definitely want to splurge on a MAC air laptop or an ipad! Thank you so much for the sweet comment by the way :-) xoxoxoxoxoo