Wednesday, January 19, 2011

my youtube.

Hey there! how are you today? I'm sick at the moment so I'm just sitting in my room >< and plus people came over like unannounced and I think that's so rude - like what do you want us to feed you? Why are you here? Like I know my dad owes their family when he went overseas and they fed him but it was really like a one off thing (or maybe a couple of times) but we've been feeding these people so much and we used a lot of money and their family is richer than ours so I don't see how we still owe them anything. I know that friends are supposed to look out for each other but don't take advantage of my courteousity (as youtuber luanlegacy says).

Talking about youtube I just wanted to list my favourite youtube channels or whatever, like the people I watch incase you get bored and you sorta want something different to watch. :) I don't know, I like making lists xD 

I'll try put them in categories but really I don't watch alot lol.

- Natalie Tran's communitychannel: pro at video editing and her funny takes on everyday activities. I love her wacky mind ;D

- ItsKingsleyBitch: a guy who rants on things in society like overexposed/overrated celebrities and trends and he is just so funny because most of the things are true. (I mean even though you disagree with him, he's still funny xD) *note: he is putting on a persona. Another ranter is luanlegacy

- RayWilliamJohnson: I think I'll put him in comedy - he reviews videos but you can tell hes kinda a nice person. He reviews 3 viral clips per video that gets sent in to him or that are new/popular and so you're really watching 3 youtube/internet videos in one of his.

- mychonny/yourchonny: mychonny is his vlog i think, and yourchonny is his comedic channel. That guy is crazy and normally I don't like people who are too crazy like.. wtf? but he's funny to watch :) (yes this person's asian)

- Ryan Higa's nigahiga: you have to know who this guy is or you're missing out big time my friend.  (this person is asian too)

- kevjumba: he was on the American the amazing race with his father. He's friends with WongFuProd and nigahiga, so he's sorta the same type of humour and stuff.

Those are my favourites/subscribed but I regularly watch recklesstortuga, um smosh is a funny one. There's kevjumba who goes there and I absolutely love anything that's done by WongFuProductions (who doesn't really belong in any category but I'll put them here - WongFuProductions: 3 asian guys who produces and makes music videos, short series, mini short films; they're legends really.)


- Mike Tompkins: who covers songs and makes all the music and stuff using his mouth (his facial expressions xD)
- KurtHugoSchneider: Sam Tsui is so animated.
- Gummybeargleeks[number]: posts full studio version of songs from GLEE :)

Beauty and fashion:
Okay, when I get bored and I don't really have anything to do I watch beauty and fashion tutorials just to like get ideas and you know see what girly-girls are like lmao.

- Amarixe: she has such a nice personality and she just seems nice and so honest. She has so many nail polishes and really pretty eyes! She's absolutely gorgeous.

- juicystar07 or Blair Fowler: her and her sister got really famous for doing beauty videos and the way she speaks is so fast and typically american. I watch her cos she's pretty down to earth and the things she says are totally relate-to-able.

- bubzbeauty: she gets so much slack for being asian and being her. so support her everyone! i think she's pretty great and her tips and stuff are really helpful

- michellephan: I used to like her a lot more but her makeup nowadays are way too flamboyant and almost fake, but if you watch her vlog (when she does) and her gaming (yes, shes an asian beauty that games) you can see she's great but I don't know why she like needs so much makeup.

VanityMakeup: she's Australian so I sorta watch her cos I just wanna see what there is over here cos there's a lot of stuff that other people talk about that I can't get cos I'm down here in Australia! lol. 

And I think that's enough, for now anyways.
ZOMG I'm pretty thirsty but I can't really leave my room =/ boo.

Oh and I said I'll update on the purple hair dye thing and I haven't had a chance to dye my hair and I don't feel that well today, but perhaps later if I'm really bored and I grew the balls to do so. I hope the colour turns out! And I hope it doesn't kill my hair too much.
It says on the box that you shouldn't use it on previously coloured or bleached hair - well how else are you supposed to get the colour you want to show if you have black hair like mine? Meh, I'll try anyways.

Alright, ttyl :)

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