Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cold weather

It's been really weird lately with the rain and high sunrays to the humidity and then to the windyness! And I wanted to just show you guys what I wore the other day where it was cooler and I went yum cha with my family and family friends :)
I haven't worn skirts or a dress in a while because I'm normally working nowadays - which means I'm stuck in my uber skinny jeans :S my legs are seriously frying as I make my 20 min trek to and from work as the sun is blazing down on me.
Well here we go :)

Sorry, my face was just not ready and I'm making a face
like I saw something disgusting ><

Oh gosh I don't have the poses to be a model at all

~ Jacket & Dress (opened at back) - JayJays
~ 'Heart you' stockings - Princess Highway from Dangerfield
~ Shoes - Pulp
~ Belt - thrifted
~ Toadstool money purse - Element from eBay

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