Sunday, January 16, 2011

25th month

Hey :) so first off I just wanna wish a happy 25 months to a special someone and I'm sure you know me well enough to know what I wanna say to you so I'm not going to blog it and get you embarrassed and everyone else puking ahahah. Anyways so today we went Burwood and we decided to eat at a restaurant! I forgot what's it's called but it's the one next to the thai noodle place and it has seating outside. (Just a warning, I spent ALOT of money today. lol)

Starters - Garlic Pizza - $9.90

T-Bone Steak with sides and Dianne Sauce - ~$27

Chicken Bosca..ilia.. something - $20.90
My meal! I couldn't even finish that even though it looks tiny

Coke - $3.50
Strawberry iced 'tea' - IT HAD NO TEA TASTE WHATSOEVER - ~$5

We are so full we can't finish it anymore.
 Then we went shopping! And we (mostly I) bought:

Industrie Headphones for $9.99!! That's the cheapest headphones that are good quality I have ever seen. We bought one each! Check out the website for more colours - Proceeds go to charity!
btw this is the first batch of photos from my N97

This is a new Pepsi called Pepsi RAW (wow reminds me of my work)
and it has natural/raw ingredients in it and to me it tastes like
Lipton Iced Tea LMAO but Cola form
Only available at 7/11

Oh and as you can sorta see the can is really squishable xD

$2.50 strawberry mug

And lastly, this cute-ass strawberry cup was bought from Hot Dollar from Burwood but.. it's not actually Hot Dollar anymore! What they did was change everything to Japanese products (made in china still) and priced EVERYTHING $2.50. Like everything! You can get cups like this one, I also bought stockings, you can get boxes, craft things, and they're all like asian (some has no english on it so I have no idea what they are) but everything's $2.50 so I mean, some things aren't worth $2.50 but the others are and are a bargain! So it's like that Daisu thing that Today Tonight talked about months ago. 

I am still in need of a 2011 diary! ><
Well I think that's all for today.. I think I'm going to update tomorrow because I bought purple dye and I sorta wanna use it on my natural black hair and see how it turns out! I mean on the box it says BLACK = *RESULT* so yeah, wish me luck! But more about that when I do it. 

Oh and today I realised I can charge my mobile by plugging it into my computer! :) like an iPod woo. 


  1. oooh yummy food! that snake looks good ;)

  2. Wow, sounds like you had a fun day! All the food looks super delicious! xoxoxoo