Friday, December 3, 2010

Photo spam: put a ring on it.

This is my attempt of putting photos side by side cos today I just feel like sharing my photos :) It's better than reading my illiterate blabber droning on and on like waffle.

Not real polaroids, those are my beloved floral shorts ($5) and my first ever Starbucks Green Tea Frappe
I didn't even bother watermark`ing/tagging my photos ahaha. Not that anyone would steal them anyways.
I wouldn't mind if someone bought me this :) 3 lil owls sitting on a branch :3
And last week I was at Morning Glory Bansktown and I saw this: 

and I just had to buy it cos I love coffee cups except this one is a HUGE one! :) It's huge~ but I don't know what to but in it :S I have no idea! Right now there's like 2 pairs of stockings in it. (So it's not that huge but it's pretty big). So what should I put in it? Go by the suggestions? Love? my LOVE? in that? It's not big enough to contain my love xD. How would I even put it in? Ahaha. 
So help me think guys? Lmao. TY :) 

That's it for my spam! I'm watching the Cleveland Cavaliers vs Miami Heat game on Ch. One right now so yeah :) 

Oh gosh the Suimin Noodles commercial is so racist. =/ lol. anyways

toOdles :) enjoy your day :D

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