Sunday, December 12, 2010

On the 12th day of HIMYM

Day 12- Best high-five moment

There has been many high-fives in the 4 seasons of HIMYM that I've thoroughly watched: the phone five, relapse five, hypothetical five (my 2nd favourite), arthiritis five but my favourite high-five was between Robin and Barney in Zip Zip Zip (S01E?), the freeze-frame high five which is saved for the most awesome of moments (also a smart use for a camera effect, to freeze the frame since HIMYM is a tv show). I love how pro of a wingman Robin was for Barney and I loved how this proves women can be bros believe it or not, hey, I have the Bro Code, so fella's out there in need of a wingman or bro, I'm your gal.


And this awesome moment, in my opinion, initiated the Robin-Barney interest because Barney actually believed Robin was into him and was willing to ... 'do it' with her. But then he finds out she's in love with Ted and being bros, he kept her secret for her.

Yup, I liked that high-five moment, but there are so many more which I love to use on a daily basis now :)

screencaps probably coming soon, on this computer I don't have the episodes so I can't do some screencaps for you, but I will when I have them :)

Well have fun guys! I'm busy-ish tomorrow so I won't have any other interesting posts but I'll try do the HIMYM challenge day 13, which is Day 13- Least favorite main character  <-- hard as!

Doesn't matter though :) I'll be back tomorrow and hopefully I have something interesting to blog about Wednesday :) take care! xoxo

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