Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Okay, let's try that again! Day 7/30 of HIMYM! :)

Day 7- Favorite HIMYM Holiday Get Together

Okay! I found Day 7! :) This would have to be SLAPSGIVING (1). I love how Lily is being pedantic about everything and the tension between Ted and Robin and their mixed messages I think are realistic - sometimes men and women perceive things differently and talking it out is the best thing. Honest (y). And Bob, who's so old he was there when the Egyptians invented the pyramid. The great thing was that the slap countdown started the episode before so the suspense was held for such a long time and it finished off with this, which I replayed around 50 times so I can sing it :)
Maybe future me slapped future you so hard it reverberated back to the present shattering the time-slap continuum.

Another boring one today guys cos I'm tired and it's 11:30pm!

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