Thursday, December 30, 2010

A new beginning.

A new year is fast approaching and with a new year means a fresh re-start (I don't think it's a fresh 'start', if you get what I'm saying) and new challenges ahead! (Since we group challenges by year.)

I set up a lot of new things today, I guess, to kick start the new year! 2011 :)

Oh dear :(
There's two chips on my phone! The one nearest to my finger is pretty bad, and the other one's just a dent. And my phone's been stuffing up with calling/receiving calls for a few months now, oh wells, no matter cos I ordered myself a new phone today. And it's the most quickest decision I've made to buy something that's over $10. Seriously. I normally debate it out and everything! It's a Nokia N97 on the Vodafone half-price value plan! It was a bargain so I got it :) the phone's practically for free. And I'm only paying $15 per month for a year, and $29 for the rest of my plan, which is pretty good for a Nokia N97 :D.

Expectations :D
(I got this more for the cheap plan
because the phone is pretty crappy
Nokia has went down hill after sending
everything to be made in China)
Anyways, another thing I did was deposit a cheque from my refund, and set up a debit mastercard, which means I can buy things online and use it like a credit card, except no fees and I'm using my own money. (So it's just the new keycard - I didn't know that, I thought it was something separate, but it turns out they phased out keycards and everyone just gets a debit mastercard). Which opens up to more convenient shopping like not having to carry cash around, ebay-ing and like booking movie/festival tickets online :D.

And that's sorta my freshening up to my new year ahaha. Can't wait to get my card and my phone :) 
I feel so spoilt and rich today ahaha

Well, hope you have a wonderful new year and enjoy the celebrations!
Party hard, but not too hard ;D
xoxo tc.

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