Saturday, December 4, 2010

My next challenge :) excited for this one :D!

After or During my HIMYM challenge I'll do this one :) freaking excited! xD


Day 1: Favorite Female Character
Day 2: Favorite Male Character
Day 3: Favorite Group Performance
Day 4: Favorite Solo
Day 5: Favorite Duet
Day 6: Favorite Rachel and Finn moment
Day 7: Favorite Tina and Artie Moment
Day 8: Favorite Puck and Quinn moment
Day 9: Favorite Kurt and Mercedes moment
Day 10: Favorite Will and Emma moment
Day 11: Favorite Sue Sylvester moment
Day 12: A scene or moment that pissed you off
Day 13: A scene or moment that made you sad
Day 14: A scene or moment that made you happy
Day 15: The couple you ship the MOST
Day 16: Favorite episode
Day 17: Least favorite episode
Day 18: Least favorite character
Day 19: Least favorite performance
Day 20: Your favorite quote
Day 21: Favorite guest star
Day 22: Least favorite guest star
Day 23: The character you most relate to
Day 24: The character you would like to see/hear more of
Day 25: Something that happened that you wish hadn’t
Day 26: Something that didnt happen that you wish had
Day 27: Your idea for a future Glee episode
Day 28: Your idea for a future Glee character
Day 29: Your idea for a future Glee performance
Day 30: Whatever tickles your fancy

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