Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Closer to the end! HIMYM CHALLENGE

Hey hey! So it's day 21 of the HIMYM challenge! I realised I didn't publish my post last night :S sorry I was tired from work! But yeah :) it's still good! It's nearly the end too! and I guess I'll move onto my Glee challenge, but with that, I don't think I'll do it so regularly or something, or I'll do it on one separate page so it doesn't clog up my posts :D.

Day 21- Favorite HIMYM actor or actress 

Now, I told you guys my favourite character (if I HAD to choose) is Barney... so of course my favourite actor is Neil Patrick Harris (whom I follow on twitter! (@ActuallyNPH or something, he's not hard to find)). I love his voice and he was on Glee in season 1 in the episode Dream On where he sang with Will Schuster! :D and I just love his comedic skills(?) (skills? comedic skills? lol) and I just love how he's such a good actor and has to around all those women even though he's actually gay. Jason Segel is also a great actor like in Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Omg. He was naked in that T__T), I love you man and he's in the upcoming Gulliver's Travels. But yeah, so kudos to NPH for being such a great actor/singer/comedian :D oh and he's actually good at magic tricks in real life!

Neil Patrick Harris

And check NPH out in his Old Spice commercial and read the top rated comment! It's pretty awesome :D

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