Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's that time of the year again!

It's CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY! how did yours go?? Me? I just stayed home xD ha. But that's cause I'm so tired from yesterday.

So what did you guys get for Jesus? It is, afterall, Jesus' birthday.

This year, just like last year, I got myself presents :) ahaha. It's okay, I'm still cool right? (Uhh when were you?)
Christmas 2010 mini mini-Haul :)

Anyways, I got myself some shoesssss :D:D. I've been to a couple of shoe shops and they're having sales! Everywhere! (This was 2 days ago) and I got these at Pulp and it was a buy one get 2nd pair half price deal :D even on the ALREADY discounted shoes! That's awesome, normally they restrict it to full priced items!
Booties? lol

These came in brown as well, I wanted the brown too! But they have this 'dirt mark' on the toe and heel like many shoes these days and I just don't like it so I just got black. Think they'll look great with my skinnies :)

Straw brogues? Ahaha, they're hole-y! xD
These came in different colours as well but I just got this off-white-ish colour so I can wear it with most of my dresses no matter what colour they are.
Couldn't resist polaroid`ing this :)
Together they were only $45! :D
They're not the most comfortable shoes, but I guess with a bit of wear they will be more comfortable :)

Ohhh and my first ever ebay purchase arrived yesterday! It took only TWO days to deliver! yeeeee :D

Really dull boring bag packaging...

But really really cute Toadstool/mushroom purses
One's for a friend :)
 They are sooo cute :D you can get them from the ebay seller Beachrife for $5.95 ea and $2.10 p&h no matter how many items you buy from them. If you want one for yourself, here's the link (ELEMENT Makeup ID Coin Wallet Purse Shoulder Bag NEW) (since it's a shop there's always more than 10 in quantity). So yeah, they are CUTE! They are really small because my phones like a brick and it fills up like half of it but it's really good for keeping my phone/iPod snug and, like it is advertised, good for festivals if you're only bringing your phone, ID, and some money. Just adds a bit of colour and cuteness to your outfit =D.

mmm well I guess that's it for my haul :) now to my challenge! :D

Day 25- HIMYM tradition you’d like to follow in your own life

I swear I said Slapsgiving like a million times. I don't know any other traditions cos here in Australia things are a bit different. We don't even have thanksgiving so... lol I'll have do think about that and I swear, when I have time, I'll rewatch it okay? :) 

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful xmas!!! :)
<3 xoxo

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