Thursday, December 9, 2010

HIMYM Day 9- Best group photo

Day 9- Best group photo 

Barney always takes a good photo

The best group photo would be the really large when they took at Brunch together (S02E03) and all the events that led up to it. It sorta shows that looks and memories can be deceiving. They all just posed for that moment when there were so many things going on between them and the chaos which resulted from it. Sometimes things just aren't how they seem. SOmetimes, people put on fake smiles to hide what's wrong. Sometimes it's too hard to be happy but people force themselves to be, even if it's just for one photo, for the sake of others (except Barney, he just wants to look awesome).
So just keep that in mind and sometimes things aren't crystal clear. Things can't be read off the surface, well sometimes. But this is the largest group photo (I think) and I just like it. :) 

File:Brunch photo.png

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