Saturday, December 4, 2010

HIMYM Challenge: Day 4

Day 4- Favorite Lilipad/Marshmallow moment 

Ahhh, I actually don't know! I spent the whole day thinking! (cos I have no friends and I have nothing better to do) Sooo for now I'll just say it's when they do their little dance together to Don't Go Breaking My Heart at the end of Life among the Gorillas in season 1. 
But there's so many others like the time Barney asks Lily about Marshall and Lily totally owned him by answering perfectly proving they know everything about each other and they high fived each other so perfectly giving the 'lawyered' face. 
And the other time when they showed they're co-dependent cos they're both lactose intolerant. 
But I really don't know my favourite actual Lilypad/Marshmallow moment ahaha. Here's some pics I'll chuck in of them
Marshall and Lily - marshmallow-and-lilypad photo
Mr and Mrs Awesome (children: Totally and Freakin)

I also love their euphenisms (is that how you spell it?) and their use of the pause button ;D.


Anyways, bought a new dress today (belt not included) and messed around with lighting on photoshop :)

gah I'm off now! :( gonna try get rid of these itchy mozzie bites! I went outside for like 5 minutes before and I have tons :( that's summer for you. 
Oh wells, toOdles and take care! Use repellant and sunscreen :)

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