Friday, December 10, 2010

Heel to toe

So yesterday I was at Big W when I saw these and I thought I'd give it a try since I just like trying on heels as I don't own many pairs xD.
$37 @ Big W
and I actually quite like them even though they're heaps tall! LOL. and my toes keep slipping out the front :( but yeah theres a zipper that goes down the middle of the shoe which you have to try to pull down if you're too lazy to undo the straps and redo them (who's bothered to do shoelaces let alone straps?) I think I have to wear a size 7 for this! :S that's the smallest I've ever went! A 7! from a size 9-10 (normally). But I tried on a size 8 and I just kept slipping, I think I'll need to buy them sole-pad things so I'll stop sliding.

But I actually bought these (shared with my Mum):

Black version
Grey version
The back/heel part

And these were from Kmart for $10 and I think they're gorgeous for only $10! They're suede and it's soft on the skin - I can't wear Rubi shoes flats because they just dig into my ... back ankle? (the part in the 3rd photo). And these actually don't, and so that's why I never buy online. I had to buy these in size 9. The weird thing was I tried on around 3 pairs of size 9s (greys) to find the right fit! And I had to adjust the buckle around because it was just too heavy on my smaller toes. Then my mum tried on the black ones and she loved them too so she bought them. These have a pointy toe, which I don't normally wear but I love these cos they're sophisticated in a way but they're still casual enough to wear. However if you go to UNSW I don't recommend these to be worn especially if you go from lower campus to upper campus cos these aren't the most comfortable shoes ever.

But these are:

I think I bought these last year or the beginning of this year for like $21? From Big W and they are VERY comfy! I can walk pretty far in them but they're getting worn on the inside and it feels weird wearing them now (on the inside) and I fell over from running in them [ :( ] so they're peeling a little where the toes are. It's a really nice purple colour and it matched my old nail polish (which unfortunately dried up) and can go with blacks and other dark-ish colours. It's a soft leathery material so it can be worn in summer, unlike my grey and black suede ones above. I wish I bought another pair cos there's no more and Big W doesn't have comfy flats anymore :(.

But I'm hunting for a pair of floral flats! I saw some at Ally X in Bankstown but I didn't have time to buy them! I really want them now! :( . I'm also hunting for brogues so if I ever buy them I'll share :) 

Here's a random shot of my shoes I took at uni (as a photography sorta.. thing ^^) I've bought ages ago since this is a shoe haul sorta post xD: 

From JayJays - RRP $20 (but there's a two for $15 sale, and when I got them there was a 1 day $10 sale)

Yup that's all for that :) 
keep on smiling and I'll see you real soon :)

omgosh sorry for typing so much about shoes! ahahah.