Tuesday, December 28, 2010

First ootd.

Hi hi!
I guess this is my first outfit of the day! :) It has been cool weather for the past 2 days, and I know today wouldn't be much warmer so I decided to go with stockings (not that cool for jeans) and I needed a long sleeve to get me through my day at the city.

Sorry I forgot to wear shoes! but I wore black ankle booties with these. Click here for a picture.

Hairs not done :(
Didn't know how to put my legs ahah

Mushroom + Fish necklace
ESQ Military style cheap-ass cardigan
Supre "You're a hoot" top (the owl is not printed on! It's like felt or velvet or something :))
Iron oxide/Hermatite ring + Sportsgirl Amour ring
Junk skirt
Princess Highway "Heart You" Stockings. 

+ Pulp Dez-erted Black/Grey ankle boots. (not pictured here but you can see them here)

Sorry I'm so bad at taking photos! but I'll try make em better next time! Lol, I need to get something with a selftimer that can stand up by itself ><

As for my 'makeup' I just lined my eyes and winged it out like I sometimes do but smudged my lid for a smokier look. And I wore Maybelline's Shinesational Lipgloss in Cranberry Crave (85) and it added red to my lips and it was a bit too bold/too much colour than I expected!

Welps, have fun guys and hope you're enjoying the holiday season!

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