Thursday, December 9, 2010

Finally some time to blog.

So this is the advice/quote book for angryness and de-motivational quotes? I think. 

Anyways! Hello everyone! :) How are we all today?? I guess it's time for me to tell you the news and update you all on what's been happening! :) 

1. :D

So on Monday I had an orthodontist appointment and I took my braces off! :D my teeth feel soooo smooth! I have a little metal wire that's at the back of my front teeth but that's it. I'm not sure if I'm going to get removable retainers or not but I'll see :) 
I love my pearly whites! :) it's pretty white already...
Grandma: Omg your face looks so black now that your teeth are so white
but I would love to get them whitened! :) Lmao I smile all the time now and yesterday I attracted a customer into our store from smiling! Yes, customer...

2. In comes the money and the business (busy-ness)

I'm hired! HORAY! :) I now work at G-Star! :) On Tuesday I had an induction and yesterday was my first official shift of work! I feel so glad I have my manager and coworker there to help me :) I was so lost! But yeah :) I think I'll grow into it! I work as an xmas casual so I might only be there for a couple of months but I think it can pave the way for other retail jobs and also teach me a few things about selling :).

Yup so there's my pieces of exciting news! xD. On a bad note, there is no more Glee until February! D: they're taking a holiday break + superbowl break :( I don't know what to do/look forward to anymore! :( What series do you like watching? What do you have to recommend me to watch? If you're reading this, leave a comment! :) okay? Okay. :)

Sorry I dont have any pics to share with you right now! I'll definately show you my straight smile sometime :) ha! No more Ugly Betty; just ugly Shirley :)

Anyways have fun and enjoy your day! :)

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