Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Deck the hauls.

Haul haul. Hauling in the haul. I shopped so much today but in today's post most of them were presents from the person I went out with today for various reasons :) ... lol, spent quite a lot today
>< oh wells, here we go :)

Sorry they're not really good photos... took them in my room with the light/flash on with my phone camera >< 

Okay let's start with things on the left and I'll move right. (sorry there's no taggin :( )
- Big floral bag; Rubi shoes (half price now :))
- Little black Yoshi plush; from Capitols skill tester ($1)
- Gloomy bear x Hello Kitty plush; Capitols skill tester ($2)
- Sportsgirl bag; free from purchase (so it's the shopping plastic bag replacement)
- Lush Rockstar Soap; free sample
- Frankie Magazine; Jan/Feb`11
- Hook on moustache; Typo ($10)
- Singlets: Born Free and You're a Hoot; Supre ($25 -> $7.50 sale)
- Paris/Eiffel Tower top up Jumper; Supre ($7.50 as well! bargain!)

And this photo is the dress I wore today which I absolutely love! It was the best buy of my year/wardrobe I think! And I got a lovely compliment on it from this girl in SDS (even if she was being nice, she chose my dress to be nice about :D). And that's my first Frankie magazine! :)
Now I got this all from the city today and yeah it was a pretty tiring walk but today was such a lovely day ♥

Had sushi at Level 3 of Market City! :) Today everything was nice and fresh and hot! :) best sushi evar <3

Get your genuine kangaroo balls here! Ohmygosh.they're so weird I don't wanna touch them! Poor kangaroo! I wonder what they do with the other bit :S

Sorta didn't sit right on my dress ahahaha looks like a long top in this photo! Welps,
bye for now! :) have a lovely rest of the week. 

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  1. REAL kangaroo balls???!
    OMFG! What has the world come to???!!!! :(
    & that dress is gorgeous on you! :)