Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 26 of the HIMYM Challenge

Day 26 - Character you most relate to 

I'm deliberating who and I relate to a number of characters I guess.
I'll just name them and describe how I relate to them/how we're alike :)

Ted Mosby: Believes in love and  if I get to 28 and I'm still single, I'd wanna search for 'the one'. I'm also a douchebag and I love correcting people :D.

Lily Aldren: I probably worry like she does and I wanna be a housewife/teacher like she is sorta. I can sorta relate to shopping to make her feel good, I don't do that *cough*, but I can understand! Lol. And I wanna love my future husband the way she loves Marshall :).

Marshall Eriksen: I like how he sings everything and if I could sing I would too! ahaha. I like his desire to save the environment, but I do wonder off that :(

Barney Stinson: I'm awesome. and legendary. I'm scared to drive and I don't know a thing about driving ahaha.

Robin Schber... I can't spell her surname lol: I guess I don't relate to her ahahha.

 That's all for today! This challenge is getting boring, oh wells :) cya next time

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