Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 18- Best slap

Slapsgiving hands down.

What is this feeling that's put you in your place?
A hot red burning on the side of your face.
You feel the blood rush to your cheeks
Tears fill your eyes,
Your lips are tremblin' but you can't speak,
Oh you're trying, you're trying, not to cry~

You just got slapped, wooahhhh,
Across the face my friend, woahhh,
You just got slapped, woah-oah-oahh.
Yes, that really just happed, wooahhh.

Everybody saw it,
Everybody laughed and clapped,
It was awesome,
The way, you just got slapped.

Wow I've mentioned slapsgiving alot! around 3 times maybe? lol

oh wells, sorry I'm sooooooo sleepy right now and I was too tired to blog before! sorry guys had 2 days of work and I'm tired out already! gah. dw i'll drink an extra strong coffee tomorrow and i'll power through the day; blogging, tumblr`ing and all that :D:D


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