Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Can't say no to a bargain; buys from 95c - $7

Hey everyone :) this post is going to be a mini haul! LOL cos I've just been in Sportsgirl alot lmao and I bought some stuff.

The first I don't have a photo of, but it's a mini Chinese takeaway box speaker and it was $8 :) and then I got another one cos it was 30% the 8 (Sportsgirl now have a take another 30% already reduced items sale).

And then I got these:

These three, I got BEFORE the extra 30% off so now I feel a bit ripped off LOL. But it was still cheap enough for me to want it. The two stretchy headbands were 95c. YEAH. 95c. And so now I think you can get it for like, 70c?? LOL which is so great because it's floral-y and pretty as! the headband underneath was $5 (so it's now $3.50) and it matches this ankle/wrist/head wrap I have.

I bought this today for $7 and I really love it. It's like a armadillo? that animal? lmao. It's called the Eileens Armour Ring Clear and it used to be $30 and I just think it's really different you know? And since I'm so clumsy, I can fully protect one finger. CHyeah. FINGER ARMOUR. LOL.

This was just a bracelet that caught my eye. I'm really loving bracelets and rings and things on my hand now cos I think I just wanna cover it up lol, but yeh this was $3.50 (y) Hopefully the clover brings me luck for the new year :) 

And here are just 3 random Hello Kitty capsules/keyrings I got from turning those vending toy capsule machines in shopping centres ahahah. There's a translucent mobile charm inside that looks gel like, but is actually pretty hard inside and it's a Hello Kitty head who's expression is the same as the one on the capsule and is the same colour as the capsule. The capsule itself doubles up as a really mini money box! LOL. Orange's from Hurstville Westfield, Red's from Burwood and Blue's from Parramatta! :D ($2 per turn)

That's all I have to share with you today! Oh and don't wear flats for like 8 hours a day if you're standing/walking. My feet are sore from work today >< and then walking in the city :S. Not wearing flats to work again! ahahah. So tomorrow I'm just gonna rest up or wear really comfy shoes :D. 

Anyways, take care guys :) 

P.S. JayJays have bandeaus for $1! :D for anyone who's interested. :D 

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