Thursday, December 2, 2010

30 Days of HIMYM; Day 2- Best HIMYM moment/scene

Day 2- Best HIMYM moment/scene 
That would be in... the final episode of Season 1 Come On! (Episode 22) where Ted does this rain dance as an attempt to keep Robin from going on a camp and sleeping with her co-anchor and then, IT RAINS :) 
Barney: Oh, come on >___>;! 
Then Ted rushes to Robin's place and they finally kiss and get together :).
But then the next morning, returning from one of the greatest moments of his life, he finds his best friend Marshall sitting alone in the rain, holding the wedding ring which was thrown back to him by his beloved Lily. 

Best moment/scene in HIMYM :)

S01E22 Come On - "Dude that's not a rain dance, that's a fat kid with a bee in his pants"
I also love the music and narration that goes with the last two scenes :) 

I was gonna blog more but I think I'll save it for tomorrow :) I have a walk in interview for Typo at Hurstville tomorrow! WISH ME LUCK :) (Y) It's the 4th interview this year ><. LOL. I'm freaking hopeless. 

Okay, laters! 


  1. hello.. :)

    I came across your blog from a google search about Hurstville typo. Thing is I was meant to go to the interview but I had school [high school student]. Would you mind if I asked you how many people attended and how was it like? Thanks :D

    fingers crossed for the position :D (good luck)

    so right now I'm kinda of awaiting a reply from Vanessa to see if I can still be considered for the walk-in interview, she hasn't replied yet. <_<

    I like your blog :D

  2. Hey there! I hope you check back cos I don't know how to contact you if you don't! There was a lot of people there! Probably around 70 - 80? And she asked me around 2 questions and that was it. I already have another job, so I think they were trying to contact me yesterday but I missed the call because I was working.
    Don't give up though, keep looking for jobs but unfortunately most of the Christmas-ish casuals have been filled for this year and they might take the more permanent positions after this period. But keep on looking, like go on and everything because I honestly applied for 30+ jobs before I got the one now.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  3. hello again! :D thanks for the reply.. wow, they said only 6 positions and almost 100 people already which seems mad. oh well, I shouldn't lose my hope already because I've learnt something new about what time and where to apply for Christmas Casual positions and jobs :P thanks for the reply though!