Wednesday, December 1, 2010

30 day HIMYM challenge: Day 1 - Favourite episode

Day 1: Favourite Episode Challenge List here

Wow, my favourite episode, how hard is that! I know one of them, or my old favourite episode was Season 1... episode... hmm 17 or 18 - Life Among the Gorillas I still use the term 'steaksauce' to describe things which are awesome and I love the ending of it cos it led to the episode Nothing Good Happens After 2am which I take as solid advice.
But then I think I started loving an episode in Season 3x08 called Spoiler Alert then in Season 4x08 Woo Girls. I can seriously recite the last bit of Spoiler Alert (and I love using the glass shattering moment in real life) and some bits in Woo Girls. So it's a tie between those two episodes! I'm sorry! xD Tell me your favourite episode below okays? ;)

S03E08 Spoiler Alert - "apple orchard banana cat dance 8 6 6 3~"
S04E08 Woo! - I call dibs on Jillian's friend ;D
Yay :) completed the first one! Sorry for the dodgy white captions thingo, I used paint! ahahahs! Come back tomorrow for the next one :)

Stay steaksauce guys; xoxo.

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