Thursday, December 30, 2010

The last day.

Day 30 of the HIMYM 30 day challenge!
Favourite Barney Quote:

Omg there's so many from the "suit up", "what up" and the "It's going to be legen- wait for it, and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DAIRY" There is just too many to choose from.
So I'm just going to list some of the best quotes from the legendary Barney Stinson :)

- "When I get sad I stop being sad and be awesome instead"
“In my body, where the shame gland should be, there is a second awesome gland. True story.”
- "(In a French accent) We are Swedish, we are so cool with our baguettes and our Eiffel Tower!"
- "God Lily, get your head out of your ass"
- "Surrounded by idiots, idiots!" 
- "I should feel tremours of psychatude rock through my body, like a seizure. That was like a declawed pregnant cat on a porch swing idly swatting at a fly on a lazy Sunday afternoon" 
- "How can an ant carry 20 times its own body weight... but root beer floats are still delicious? Are the two even related? Really?"

That's it for the challenge guys! Sorry you had to endure through it ahahah
Until next time! :) xoxo

A new beginning.

A new year is fast approaching and with a new year means a fresh re-start (I don't think it's a fresh 'start', if you get what I'm saying) and new challenges ahead! (Since we group challenges by year.)

I set up a lot of new things today, I guess, to kick start the new year! 2011 :)

Oh dear :(
There's two chips on my phone! The one nearest to my finger is pretty bad, and the other one's just a dent. And my phone's been stuffing up with calling/receiving calls for a few months now, oh wells, no matter cos I ordered myself a new phone today. And it's the most quickest decision I've made to buy something that's over $10. Seriously. I normally debate it out and everything! It's a Nokia N97 on the Vodafone half-price value plan! It was a bargain so I got it :) the phone's practically for free. And I'm only paying $15 per month for a year, and $29 for the rest of my plan, which is pretty good for a Nokia N97 :D.

Expectations :D
(I got this more for the cheap plan
because the phone is pretty crappy
Nokia has went down hill after sending
everything to be made in China)
Anyways, another thing I did was deposit a cheque from my refund, and set up a debit mastercard, which means I can buy things online and use it like a credit card, except no fees and I'm using my own money. (So it's just the new keycard - I didn't know that, I thought it was something separate, but it turns out they phased out keycards and everyone just gets a debit mastercard). Which opens up to more convenient shopping like not having to carry cash around, ebay-ing and like booking movie/festival tickets online :D.

And that's sorta my freshening up to my new year ahaha. Can't wait to get my card and my phone :) 
I feel so spoilt and rich today ahaha

Well, hope you have a wonderful new year and enjoy the celebrations!
Party hard, but not too hard ;D
xoxo tc.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

HIMYM challenge days 27+ 28 + 29

Sorry I missed the challenge yesterday (and I just realised I missed it the day before :( )  guys! I knew I opened my dashboard once again for a reason but after blogging twice I completely forgot about the challenge! LOL.
Sorry I haven't updated them with pictures either! because I'm never on my computer anymore (which has the episodes) I've just been using my laptop. So I'll try google some pictures for this one xD.
Well without further ado, let's get to it.

Day 27 - Saddest HIMYM Moment

In The scorpion and the toad episode, Lily comes back and she confronts Marshall and asks him for forgiveness and to take her back. But he said no because she broke his heart so badly.
And at that moment I actually cried. No other HIMYM moment has made me cry besides this one, and I just think I'm really sensitive to love and the emotions around that, so I cried :'( lol.

and here's a screencap :)
Day 28 - Write a letter to Robin

Hey Robin,

I was just wondering, why is Canada a country?
I think that's all I have to say to you.
Oh wells.

Day 29 - Funniest HIMYM Scene.

Sven making their debut appearance in Woo Girls. HILARIOUS. xD. I don't know what's the funniest, but this definately came into mind because it's one of my favourite episodes.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

First ootd.

Hi hi!
I guess this is my first outfit of the day! :) It has been cool weather for the past 2 days, and I know today wouldn't be much warmer so I decided to go with stockings (not that cool for jeans) and I needed a long sleeve to get me through my day at the city.

Sorry I forgot to wear shoes! but I wore black ankle booties with these. Click here for a picture.

Hairs not done :(
Didn't know how to put my legs ahah

Mushroom + Fish necklace
ESQ Military style cheap-ass cardigan
Supre "You're a hoot" top (the owl is not printed on! It's like felt or velvet or something :))
Iron oxide/Hermatite ring + Sportsgirl Amour ring
Junk skirt
Princess Highway "Heart You" Stockings. 

+ Pulp Dez-erted Black/Grey ankle boots. (not pictured here but you can see them here)

Sorry I'm so bad at taking photos! but I'll try make em better next time! Lol, I need to get something with a selftimer that can stand up by itself ><

As for my 'makeup' I just lined my eyes and winged it out like I sometimes do but smudged my lid for a smokier look. And I wore Maybelline's Shinesational Lipgloss in Cranberry Crave (85) and it added red to my lips and it was a bit too bold/too much colour than I expected!

Welps, have fun guys and hope you're enjoying the holiday season!


these are @ Platypus shoes.

I also want grey/brown suede wedges.
Ha. I got a confusing style/fashion crave xD.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 26 of the HIMYM Challenge

Day 26 - Character you most relate to 

I'm deliberating who and I relate to a number of characters I guess.
I'll just name them and describe how I relate to them/how we're alike :)

Ted Mosby: Believes in love and  if I get to 28 and I'm still single, I'd wanna search for 'the one'. I'm also a douchebag and I love correcting people :D.

Lily Aldren: I probably worry like she does and I wanna be a housewife/teacher like she is sorta. I can sorta relate to shopping to make her feel good, I don't do that *cough*, but I can understand! Lol. And I wanna love my future husband the way she loves Marshall :).

Marshall Eriksen: I like how he sings everything and if I could sing I would too! ahaha. I like his desire to save the environment, but I do wonder off that :(

Barney Stinson: I'm awesome. and legendary. I'm scared to drive and I don't know a thing about driving ahaha.

Robin Schber... I can't spell her surname lol: I guess I don't relate to her ahahha.

 That's all for today! This challenge is getting boring, oh wells :) cya next time

Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's that time of the year again!

It's CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY! how did yours go?? Me? I just stayed home xD ha. But that's cause I'm so tired from yesterday.

So what did you guys get for Jesus? It is, afterall, Jesus' birthday.

This year, just like last year, I got myself presents :) ahaha. It's okay, I'm still cool right? (Uhh when were you?)
Christmas 2010 mini mini-Haul :)

Anyways, I got myself some shoesssss :D:D. I've been to a couple of shoe shops and they're having sales! Everywhere! (This was 2 days ago) and I got these at Pulp and it was a buy one get 2nd pair half price deal :D even on the ALREADY discounted shoes! That's awesome, normally they restrict it to full priced items!
Booties? lol

These came in brown as well, I wanted the brown too! But they have this 'dirt mark' on the toe and heel like many shoes these days and I just don't like it so I just got black. Think they'll look great with my skinnies :)

Straw brogues? Ahaha, they're hole-y! xD
These came in different colours as well but I just got this off-white-ish colour so I can wear it with most of my dresses no matter what colour they are.
Couldn't resist polaroid`ing this :)
Together they were only $45! :D
They're not the most comfortable shoes, but I guess with a bit of wear they will be more comfortable :)

Ohhh and my first ever ebay purchase arrived yesterday! It took only TWO days to deliver! yeeeee :D

Really dull boring bag packaging...

But really really cute Toadstool/mushroom purses
One's for a friend :)
 They are sooo cute :D you can get them from the ebay seller Beachrife for $5.95 ea and $2.10 p&h no matter how many items you buy from them. If you want one for yourself, here's the link (ELEMENT Makeup ID Coin Wallet Purse Shoulder Bag NEW) (since it's a shop there's always more than 10 in quantity). So yeah, they are CUTE! They are really small because my phones like a brick and it fills up like half of it but it's really good for keeping my phone/iPod snug and, like it is advertised, good for festivals if you're only bringing your phone, ID, and some money. Just adds a bit of colour and cuteness to your outfit =D.

mmm well I guess that's it for my haul :) now to my challenge! :D

Day 25- HIMYM tradition you’d like to follow in your own life

I swear I said Slapsgiving like a million times. I don't know any other traditions cos here in Australia things are a bit different. We don't even have thanksgiving so... lol I'll have do think about that and I swear, when I have time, I'll rewatch it okay? :) 

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful xmas!!! :)
<3 xoxo

Christmas eve;

wow today I got out of the house at 7:40 and got home at around... 8:20?? I had 10 hours of work today!! and my legs are soreeeee as. I am so tired just sprawled over my bed and if there was a fire, I don't know if I have the strength to drag myself, this blob of soreness, out of the house.

Anyways, MERRY CHRISTMAS! hope you guys have a wonderful day :)

Day 24- Best Barney suit quote 

I have no idea. The only thing I can think of is Law Suit Up! xD lol but I will have a think about this. 
The next thing, is the song at the end of the 100th episode Suit vs Girls or something - Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit - and if that's a Barney 'quote' about suits, I'll say its that one!
*Sing the suit song!*

Well catch you later alligator! ;D xoxo ahahahah. im so lame xD.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Omg. 23.

Have you guys seen the movie about the number 23? It's sorta freaky and I sorta just look out for things that have 23 in it now ahaha.

Day 23- Worst HIMYM moment 

The only moment I can think of, would be the actual moment when Lily stole Christmas. I guess because Marshall was so excited and Ted didn't mean what he said which led to it and Lily put so much effort into it and it was all gone. I wasn't even sure why Lily had that tiny tiny tiny apartment! lol.
Well anyways :) it's nearly Christmas! I hope no one steals yours :D 
Have a good one kiddos :D

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear Lily,

Get your head out of your ass.


.. lol :) Day 22 of HIMYM - Write a letter to Lily

Can't say no to a bargain; buys from 95c - $7

Hey everyone :) this post is going to be a mini haul! LOL cos I've just been in Sportsgirl alot lmao and I bought some stuff.

The first I don't have a photo of, but it's a mini Chinese takeaway box speaker and it was $8 :) and then I got another one cos it was 30% the 8 (Sportsgirl now have a take another 30% already reduced items sale).

And then I got these:

These three, I got BEFORE the extra 30% off so now I feel a bit ripped off LOL. But it was still cheap enough for me to want it. The two stretchy headbands were 95c. YEAH. 95c. And so now I think you can get it for like, 70c?? LOL which is so great because it's floral-y and pretty as! the headband underneath was $5 (so it's now $3.50) and it matches this ankle/wrist/head wrap I have.

I bought this today for $7 and I really love it. It's like a armadillo? that animal? lmao. It's called the Eileens Armour Ring Clear and it used to be $30 and I just think it's really different you know? And since I'm so clumsy, I can fully protect one finger. CHyeah. FINGER ARMOUR. LOL.

This was just a bracelet that caught my eye. I'm really loving bracelets and rings and things on my hand now cos I think I just wanna cover it up lol, but yeh this was $3.50 (y) Hopefully the clover brings me luck for the new year :) 

And here are just 3 random Hello Kitty capsules/keyrings I got from turning those vending toy capsule machines in shopping centres ahahah. There's a translucent mobile charm inside that looks gel like, but is actually pretty hard inside and it's a Hello Kitty head who's expression is the same as the one on the capsule and is the same colour as the capsule. The capsule itself doubles up as a really mini money box! LOL. Orange's from Hurstville Westfield, Red's from Burwood and Blue's from Parramatta! :D ($2 per turn)

That's all I have to share with you today! Oh and don't wear flats for like 8 hours a day if you're standing/walking. My feet are sore from work today >< and then walking in the city :S. Not wearing flats to work again! ahahah. So tomorrow I'm just gonna rest up or wear really comfy shoes :D. 

Anyways, take care guys :) 

P.S. JayJays have bandeaus for $1! :D for anyone who's interested. :D 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Closer to the end! HIMYM CHALLENGE

Hey hey! So it's day 21 of the HIMYM challenge! I realised I didn't publish my post last night :S sorry I was tired from work! But yeah :) it's still good! It's nearly the end too! and I guess I'll move onto my Glee challenge, but with that, I don't think I'll do it so regularly or something, or I'll do it on one separate page so it doesn't clog up my posts :D.

Day 21- Favorite HIMYM actor or actress 

Now, I told you guys my favourite character (if I HAD to choose) is Barney... so of course my favourite actor is Neil Patrick Harris (whom I follow on twitter! (@ActuallyNPH or something, he's not hard to find)). I love his voice and he was on Glee in season 1 in the episode Dream On where he sang with Will Schuster! :D and I just love his comedic skills(?) (skills? comedic skills? lol) and I just love how he's such a good actor and has to around all those women even though he's actually gay. Jason Segel is also a great actor like in Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Omg. He was naked in that T__T), I love you man and he's in the upcoming Gulliver's Travels. But yeah, so kudos to NPH for being such a great actor/singer/comedian :D oh and he's actually good at magic tricks in real life!

Neil Patrick Harris

And check NPH out in his Old Spice commercial and read the top rated comment! It's pretty awesome :D

That's the general idea

Woops! I thought I published this last night, but it was saved as a draft ><; here's day 20 of the HIMYM challenge.

Day 20- Best Robin/Ted moment

Besides the come on! moment I talked about here, the 'thing' I like most about Robin and Ted is their little salute joke. So when someone says the word colonel (kernal), general, major or corporal, they do a little salute to the thing. For example: I'm getting a major payrise *salute* Major Payrise. LOL. That's the cutest thing, except the words aren't used often so we never get to do this!

Well yeah :) that's it for today! :D 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Books that aren't just for reading: gift ideas[!]

Now, as you all can tell, I haven't touched a book (besides Twilight, Harry Potter and The Princess Diaries) in a reallyyyy long time. I remember when I was actually interested in books, when I carried my tattered and torn (but treasured) Digital Fortress (From Dan Brown, the author of The Da Vinci Code which I read AFTER Digital Fortress) for a couple of days, trying to read it in between classes and at recess and lunch like a little nerd. But then, school was way too busy and the only books I was carrying around were my English prescribed and related texts and my textbooks. But lately I've found some interesting books out there - I guess I haven't noticed them before because I hardly visited bookstores and because these are high end (in other words, expensive) books. And I just wanted to share them with you because they're great gift ideas for Christmas and I just want to list them here for future reference ^^;
Yeah that's right. I'm bringing back good old text on paper. Books that aren't boring: 

First off, Frankie Magazine is not just a indie fashion magazine but it's quite a read! And the back issues go up in price like petrol. I mean the 2nd last issue is now $20 on their website and you can buy your Frankie magazines at Newsagencies for $8.95. I got my first issue yesterday and I really like the pages feel and the yummy feeling it emits. So go flick through Frankie and if it's something you like, go pick it up :) Also available is the Frankie Diary 2011 and Photo Album.

A book I found cute was the Smiggle Get To It Journal which, is a bit kiddish, but for $12 we can all be kids again for once :). It's filled with little drawings which you can use to design things and its a small little book you can pop in your handbag or backpack and you can take it out when you're bored to doodle in. Every 2nd page is blank incase the ink goes through or if you just wanna draw your own things :)

Another sorta design book is pretty popular amongst girls is the My Wonderful World of Fashion scrapbook. And in it are like different patterns and outlines of clothes and stuff for you to design your own and keep your ideas in. It's quite a large book though, and it can be a little more pricey :D

I found that the Typo store in the new Westfield on Pitt St. sold these Listography books and there's one for music, life, 2011 in lists, and a couple more and if you have a really close group of friends you can pass it around and people can lists what they like or you can add things over the years and see how your tastes have changed. I think the texture of the books are great and it really gets you thinking and it is great to share with your friends. They're not only available at Typo so have a look around for them if you're interested (or love lists, like I do! :D). An iPhone app is also available, and take a look at the website for more info.

Other awesome books:
- Hyperactivity typography (I took a photo from Kino but I got told off! how snobby!!)
- No one belongs here more than you - Miranda July : take a look at the aweome interactive website
- The Bro Code (from HIMYM) - ~$20 from Dymocks/Borders

That's all :) hope you like these books and enjoy them :D

Day 19- Suit up or suit down?

If I said birthday suit up, does that count as both? ;D


hey guys! sorry I haven't been doing anything cept work so that's why I haven't been blogging and I have work again tomorrow :D a full day's work! So yeah, hope you have a lovely week! Last few days until Christmas and then boxing day sales! ahahah xD.


Day 18- Best slap

Slapsgiving hands down.

What is this feeling that's put you in your place?
A hot red burning on the side of your face.
You feel the blood rush to your cheeks
Tears fill your eyes,
Your lips are tremblin' but you can't speak,
Oh you're trying, you're trying, not to cry~

You just got slapped, wooahhhh,
Across the face my friend, woahhh,
You just got slapped, woah-oah-oahh.
Yes, that really just happed, wooahhh.

Everybody saw it,
Everybody laughed and clapped,
It was awesome,
The way, you just got slapped.

Wow I've mentioned slapsgiving alot! around 3 times maybe? lol

oh wells, sorry I'm sooooooo sleepy right now and I was too tired to blog before! sorry guys had 2 days of work and I'm tired out already! gah. dw i'll drink an extra strong coffee tomorrow and i'll power through the day; blogging, tumblr`ing and all that :D:D


Friday, December 17, 2010

Dear Barney,

I think magic tricks are awesome and you can teach me how to live any day ;D. And I think high-fives are totally in right now :).

Oh and grow some balls and go for the belt already. You already tried the naked man, the perfect week, the best friend's ex. I think it's time for the tricycle.

Stay legen... wait-for-it...

Thursday, December 16, 2010


First off, happy 2 years to my beloved bf :). 2 years is a pretty long time for us, and like there was so many ups and downs, but in the end it will work out. If it's not okay, then it's not the end.
Feel sorry for our friends that are confused about of status from our breaks and all that but yeah :) we're the classic examples of teenage love I guess; but I won't say it's a bad thing. Well anyways, to the challenge:

Day 16- Favorite “mother” moment 
No idea. lol. I just remember the yellow umbrella (Stella?) and the ankle at Rachel Bilson's apartment. Nothing special. 
The end :)

Sorry this is such a fail post! 

Hmmm... ohhh! just a short time ago I made my first ebay purchase :) I bought a little purse thing and I find it sooo cute! Here's the link. If the sale is successful and I set my PayPal right, I'll be sure to take photos :) I know it's nothing big but yay :D

Now everyone enjoy your day! and the rest of the week :) Sorry this post was about nothing.
I'm drafting a post on books as gift ideas as I've seen some good ones lately so I'll be suggesting them! :)
alright laters xoxo.

Have fun and trip out!

PLAY first person tetris here :D:D
you'll see what I mean by 'first person'

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

(Ted,) I'm going to teach you how to live.

Day 15- Favorite life lesson

I really like deal about Nothing good happens after 2am rule (season 1) and I would want to prove it wrong one day ahahaha. But I also like The Platinum Rule: Never ever love thy neighbour. Like don't crap where you eat. Don't .. hmm I don't have another metaphor for that LOL. But if you ask me, I don't really like the Three Days Rule. I don't think that works. Call them whenever you feel like,  if they don't like what you feel like then how will you ever be comfortable around them? If you waited 3 days to call me, I'd probably think that you didn't care and that I'm ranked last and there's 3 days worth of things on your priorities list above me. But that's just me :)

YAY, day 15 done! Thanks for reading :D

Deck the hauls.

Haul haul. Hauling in the haul. I shopped so much today but in today's post most of them were presents from the person I went out with today for various reasons :) ... lol, spent quite a lot today
>< oh wells, here we go :)

Sorry they're not really good photos... took them in my room with the light/flash on with my phone camera >< 

Okay let's start with things on the left and I'll move right. (sorry there's no taggin :( )
- Big floral bag; Rubi shoes (half price now :))
- Little black Yoshi plush; from Capitols skill tester ($1)
- Gloomy bear x Hello Kitty plush; Capitols skill tester ($2)
- Sportsgirl bag; free from purchase (so it's the shopping plastic bag replacement)
- Lush Rockstar Soap; free sample
- Frankie Magazine; Jan/Feb`11
- Hook on moustache; Typo ($10)
- Singlets: Born Free and You're a Hoot; Supre ($25 -> $7.50 sale)
- Paris/Eiffel Tower top up Jumper; Supre ($7.50 as well! bargain!)

And this photo is the dress I wore today which I absolutely love! It was the best buy of my year/wardrobe I think! And I got a lovely compliment on it from this girl in SDS (even if she was being nice, she chose my dress to be nice about :D). And that's my first Frankie magazine! :)
Now I got this all from the city today and yeah it was a pretty tiring walk but today was such a lovely day ♥

Had sushi at Level 3 of Market City! :) Today everything was nice and fresh and hot! :) best sushi evar <3

Get your genuine kangaroo balls here! Ohmygosh.they're so weird I don't wanna touch them! Poor kangaroo! I wonder what they do with the other bit :S

Sorta didn't sit right on my dress ahahaha looks like a long top in this photo! Welps,
bye for now! :) have a lovely rest of the week. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thinking about: Day 14- Favorite HIMYM tradition

I need to think. I'm too tired to think. I was thinking Slapsgiving, but I'll think of something else now. I need to watch HIMYM again. It's been so long since I've watched it. And I stopped watching it after like, episode 4 or 5 of season 5. Hmmm, well if you're reading this tell me your favourite HIMYM tradition in the comments and maybe it'll inspire me.

Good night everyone, have a lovely tomorrow as always :) remmeber to smile! :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Another year

So it's time to plan my next year's study guys. I know, I'm on holidays and I still have to worry about uni! How ewww. Oh wells, so after some clicking, frustration and decision making (hard.) I've come up with a timetable for Semester 1, 2011.

So here's version 1! stalk me ;D

ready for the long weekend!!! 4 days a week x 16 hours :)


Day 13 - Least favourite main character.

:( how can one choose? Ted, Marshall, Barney, Lily, Robin - they're part of a team, they're awesome. I love all of them :) I also love all the other characters because they support the storyline in such an awesome way and without them the show's just not funny.

So yeah, Imma leave this one out guys. Sorry, bro.

And sorry for the lack of posts other than the himym challenge, I'm just so bummed I don't really have time to think about other stuff cept work and uni and eating (fattehhhh). Hm, I'll upload my draft timetable for who's interested just to break off the himym posts :) 

thanks for being here xoxo.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

On the 12th day of HIMYM

Day 12- Best high-five moment

There has been many high-fives in the 4 seasons of HIMYM that I've thoroughly watched: the phone five, relapse five, hypothetical five (my 2nd favourite), arthiritis five but my favourite high-five was between Robin and Barney in Zip Zip Zip (S01E?), the freeze-frame high five which is saved for the most awesome of moments (also a smart use for a camera effect, to freeze the frame since HIMYM is a tv show). I love how pro of a wingman Robin was for Barney and I loved how this proves women can be bros believe it or not, hey, I have the Bro Code, so fella's out there in need of a wingman or bro, I'm your gal.


And this awesome moment, in my opinion, initiated the Robin-Barney interest because Barney actually believed Robin was into him and was willing to ... 'do it' with her. But then he finds out she's in love with Ted and being bros, he kept her secret for her.

Yup, I liked that high-five moment, but there are so many more which I love to use on a daily basis now :)

screencaps probably coming soon, on this computer I don't have the episodes so I can't do some screencaps for you, but I will when I have them :)

Well have fun guys! I'm busy-ish tomorrow so I won't have any other interesting posts but I'll try do the HIMYM challenge day 13, which is Day 13- Least favorite main character  <-- hard as!

Doesn't matter though :) I'll be back tomorrow and hopefully I have something interesting to blog about Wednesday :) take care! xoxo

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 11 of HIMYM

Day 11- Least favorite/most annoying guest character

If I had to choose, probably Britney Spears. I wouldn't know who else would be suited for the role, but she's just a bit too famous for the role. Just like Britney Spears in Glee. Like what was that all about >___>; 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Heel to toe

So yesterday I was at Big W when I saw these and I thought I'd give it a try since I just like trying on heels as I don't own many pairs xD.
$37 @ Big W
and I actually quite like them even though they're heaps tall! LOL. and my toes keep slipping out the front :( but yeah theres a zipper that goes down the middle of the shoe which you have to try to pull down if you're too lazy to undo the straps and redo them (who's bothered to do shoelaces let alone straps?) I think I have to wear a size 7 for this! :S that's the smallest I've ever went! A 7! from a size 9-10 (normally). But I tried on a size 8 and I just kept slipping, I think I'll need to buy them sole-pad things so I'll stop sliding.

But I actually bought these (shared with my Mum):

Black version
Grey version
The back/heel part

And these were from Kmart for $10 and I think they're gorgeous for only $10! They're suede and it's soft on the skin - I can't wear Rubi shoes flats because they just dig into my ... back ankle? (the part in the 3rd photo). And these actually don't, and so that's why I never buy online. I had to buy these in size 9. The weird thing was I tried on around 3 pairs of size 9s (greys) to find the right fit! And I had to adjust the buckle around because it was just too heavy on my smaller toes. Then my mum tried on the black ones and she loved them too so she bought them. These have a pointy toe, which I don't normally wear but I love these cos they're sophisticated in a way but they're still casual enough to wear. However if you go to UNSW I don't recommend these to be worn especially if you go from lower campus to upper campus cos these aren't the most comfortable shoes ever.

But these are:

I think I bought these last year or the beginning of this year for like $21? From Big W and they are VERY comfy! I can walk pretty far in them but they're getting worn on the inside and it feels weird wearing them now (on the inside) and I fell over from running in them [ :( ] so they're peeling a little where the toes are. It's a really nice purple colour and it matched my old nail polish (which unfortunately dried up) and can go with blacks and other dark-ish colours. It's a soft leathery material so it can be worn in summer, unlike my grey and black suede ones above. I wish I bought another pair cos there's no more and Big W doesn't have comfy flats anymore :(.

But I'm hunting for a pair of floral flats! I saw some at Ally X in Bankstown but I didn't have time to buy them! I really want them now! :( . I'm also hunting for brogues so if I ever buy them I'll share :) 

Here's a random shot of my shoes I took at uni (as a photography sorta.. thing ^^) I've bought ages ago since this is a shoe haul sorta post xD: 

From JayJays - RRP $20 (but there's a two for $15 sale, and when I got them there was a 1 day $10 sale)

Yup that's all for that :) 
keep on smiling and I'll see you real soon :)

omgosh sorry for typing so much about shoes! ahahah.

Dear Marshall,

I am doing this for day 10 of my challenge, and so I am writing you a letter. I love your moral reasoning, loyalty to the woman you love and your love for nature and what is right, but you are freakishly tall, did you know that? Other than that I think you're a great husband to Lily. I can't believe you guys are codependent, can you feel what she's feeling right now?

And do you believe in true love? Is you and Lily what true love is? I really believed in the Olive Theory (before I found out it wasn't true) and how two people could understand each other and be codependent

Oh and I was just wondering, when will you give Barney his last slap?

That's really all, I'll let you be a good husband to Lily now.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

HIMYM Day 9- Best group photo

Day 9- Best group photo 

Barney always takes a good photo

The best group photo would be the really large when they took at Brunch together (S02E03) and all the events that led up to it. It sorta shows that looks and memories can be deceiving. They all just posed for that moment when there were so many things going on between them and the chaos which resulted from it. Sometimes things just aren't how they seem. SOmetimes, people put on fake smiles to hide what's wrong. Sometimes it's too hard to be happy but people force themselves to be, even if it's just for one photo, for the sake of others (except Barney, he just wants to look awesome).
So just keep that in mind and sometimes things aren't crystal clear. Things can't be read off the surface, well sometimes. But this is the largest group photo (I think) and I just like it. :) 

File:Brunch photo.png

Real talent

The cast of Glee performing Don't Stop Believing on The X Factor UK.
I'm pretty sure that's their real voices unedited and un-autotuned or whatever they call it. It's pure goodness.

Oh Corey Monteith + Harry Shum Jr.'s & Mark Salling's entrance ;D *drool*

Finally some time to blog.

So this is the advice/quote book for angryness and de-motivational quotes? I think. 

Anyways! Hello everyone! :) How are we all today?? I guess it's time for me to tell you the news and update you all on what's been happening! :) 

1. :D

So on Monday I had an orthodontist appointment and I took my braces off! :D my teeth feel soooo smooth! I have a little metal wire that's at the back of my front teeth but that's it. I'm not sure if I'm going to get removable retainers or not but I'll see :) 
I love my pearly whites! :) it's pretty white already...
Grandma: Omg your face looks so black now that your teeth are so white
but I would love to get them whitened! :) Lmao I smile all the time now and yesterday I attracted a customer into our store from smiling! Yes, customer...

2. In comes the money and the business (busy-ness)

I'm hired! HORAY! :) I now work at G-Star! :) On Tuesday I had an induction and yesterday was my first official shift of work! I feel so glad I have my manager and coworker there to help me :) I was so lost! But yeah :) I think I'll grow into it! I work as an xmas casual so I might only be there for a couple of months but I think it can pave the way for other retail jobs and also teach me a few things about selling :).

Yup so there's my pieces of exciting news! xD. On a bad note, there is no more Glee until February! D: they're taking a holiday break + superbowl break :( I don't know what to do/look forward to anymore! :( What series do you like watching? What do you have to recommend me to watch? If you're reading this, leave a comment! :) okay? Okay. :)

Sorry I dont have any pics to share with you right now! I'll definately show you my straight smile sometime :) ha! No more Ugly Betty; just ugly Shirley :)

Anyways have fun and enjoy your day! :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Okay, let's try that again! Day 7/30 of HIMYM! :)

Day 7- Favorite HIMYM Holiday Get Together

Okay! I found Day 7! :) This would have to be SLAPSGIVING (1). I love how Lily is being pedantic about everything and the tension between Ted and Robin and their mixed messages I think are realistic - sometimes men and women perceive things differently and talking it out is the best thing. Honest (y). And Bob, who's so old he was there when the Egyptians invented the pyramid. The great thing was that the slap countdown started the episode before so the suspense was held for such a long time and it finished off with this, which I replayed around 50 times so I can sing it :)
Maybe future me slapped future you so hard it reverberated back to the present shattering the time-slap continuum.

Another boring one today guys cos I'm tired and it's 11:30pm!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

HIMYM Day 8/30 .. WAIT.

Where the hell is day 7????? =/ oh gosh I just noticed that now; how fail. I'll just do this anyways

Favourite Guest Character? Probably the VS angels/models just looking gorgeous in the yips or something

or Enrique Iglasias as.. Gale? Gail? Girl? Ga-el? ...

okay I'm going to hunt down number 7; sorry for the rushed post it's been a pretty long day today! I'll tell you about it really soon but I just don't have the time now :)

Talk to you next time! xoxo.

Monday, December 6, 2010

30 Days of HIMYM; Day 6- Write a letter to Ted (poor attempt)

Dear Ted,

Who am I? No, I'm not here to each you how to live and no I'm not your kids' mother but, please just tell us how you met 'my' mother. Who is she? Giving us a glimpse of her ankle doesn't really tell us how you met her.  And stop sleeping with girls just to see if she's the one, I don't think it works like that. Maybe just tell us how you know that she's the one. Was it love at first sight? The show is so long-winded and I don't even know how these stories are related to how you met 'my' mother.

Oh, and the whole thing with the yellow umbrella. So was that Stella's yellow umbrella? You got me so excited in that episode but then I realised we were a long way away from knowing who the mother was :(.

P.S. And it's pronounced douche as in doosh, not douch-ey.


sorry this was soooo boring; i didnt know what to write and i'm really bad at writing letters, let alone to a character from a tv show ahaha. I'll edit it sometime but yeah, that's all for now. 


not happy chappy.


Should lobby so they let us play Tetris or Pong or some other simple game on the We'll be back shortly page :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 5 of HIMYM (+ exciting news coming soon)

Day 5- Favorite Robin Sparkles song 

LET'S GO TO THE MALL EVERYBODY! :) The first song we get to know about Robin's singing career so I just wanted to mention it. But like I love Sandcastles in the sand too. So whatever :) 

Anyways that's all for this post :) I have 2 pieces of exciting news to share and I'll share it in the next couple of days!
Stay tuned! :D

Saturday, December 4, 2010

HIMYM Challenge: Day 4

Day 4- Favorite Lilipad/Marshmallow moment 

Ahhh, I actually don't know! I spent the whole day thinking! (cos I have no friends and I have nothing better to do) Sooo for now I'll just say it's when they do their little dance together to Don't Go Breaking My Heart at the end of Life among the Gorillas in season 1. 
But there's so many others like the time Barney asks Lily about Marshall and Lily totally owned him by answering perfectly proving they know everything about each other and they high fived each other so perfectly giving the 'lawyered' face. 
And the other time when they showed they're co-dependent cos they're both lactose intolerant. 
But I really don't know my favourite actual Lilypad/Marshmallow moment ahaha. Here's some pics I'll chuck in of them
Marshall and Lily - marshmallow-and-lilypad photo
Mr and Mrs Awesome (children: Totally and Freakin)

I also love their euphenisms (is that how you spell it?) and their use of the pause button ;D.


Anyways, bought a new dress today (belt not included) and messed around with lighting on photoshop :)

gah I'm off now! :( gonna try get rid of these itchy mozzie bites! I went outside for like 5 minutes before and I have tons :( that's summer for you. 
Oh wells, toOdles and take care! Use repellant and sunscreen :)