Tuesday, November 16, 2010

So pho.. so fat :(

Hey guys :) how's everyone? Just gonna blog about my day & yesterday :)

So yesterday I went DFO with my parents and I grabbed heaps of stuff! BARGAIN! I spent $2.50 - $20 :) but saved like a whopping 260? 270? :) Feels great to save money! :) and I'm proud to be a cheap asian. Why spend more when you can buy more for less? I'll just end up with more things that you :)
Anyways, my favourite buys would have to be from Dotti where I bought A dress for $10, and a shirt and shorts for $5 each, and right there I saved... $135 =)! WOO :) they're sooo pretty :) I'd have to take photos and show you all :).

And today :) I went Bankstown! And yeah, Bankstown's really common but today I had a first :) I went to Pho An restaurant and had pho! OMG! :D I had Pho Bo Tai today (Number 1 on the menu) and I could only read some of the Chinese on the menu, so I just ordered the first one as it meant "raw beef pho". So, next time, you should go with someone who can read Vietnamese or Chinese :) or ask what your friends like eating before eating there! I should've took photos but that completely escaped me today! I was having so much fun :(. But don't worry, next time I go I will take photos! It was great! I had a medium but regret not getting a large. It's only a dollar extra (at $13) after all.

And now I crave pho really badly :(

After a while, I went to get Red Lea (in the 'more' new part of Centro) chips to try their Chips with Red salt and Chicken salt and it was different :) I haven't had Red Lea chips in ages and I'm sure their red salt is different from the ones before, but oh wells. Now I feel bad for spending money and eating junk foods ><.

Also, yesterday, I bought a 1TB desktop external HDD from Harvey Norman! Ahhh, and they failed once again. I hate Harvey Norman with a passion; I've been unfortunate enough to fall for their false advertising, their faulty products, but now, I'm top dog :D. So I saw the harddrive for $88 at their Bondi Jn store, and went to the Auburn store with money, thinking of buying it, however they had it for $96, even though its only $8 more (but saving the $8 paid for my Gloria Jeans and Red Lea chips today :)) so I told them, and they had to PRICE MATCH THEIR OWN STORE. How fail is that??

anyways, I'm still looking for a job! sighhh! Wish me luck for my G-STAR interview okay? :)
Finished for this post :) Sorry for the boring blah blah text :) [edit: to make this post more appealing, I added an image] I'll try take more photos next time...
especially if when I get my DSLR :) I want a job sooo bad now because I found the flickr/tumblr/blogspot of this amazing male photographer from Sydney whose photos are featured nearly everywhere you look.
Ok, now I'm done =)
Take care and stay awesome guys!

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