Friday, November 5, 2010

om nom nom.!

Hey guys! How have you been? So, I've been absent due to exams but I can blog for a bit now :) this post is long overdue, but better late than never! :)

So last Saturday (30.10.10) I had a morning exam T__T gg. It was 8:45 in the morning! on Saturday! well anyways. It was maths and it was hard as :(. So when my friend drove me and another friend home, we decided to stop at maccas for some comfort (well I needed comfort, my friends are both guys so yeah) food. I had a go at the MegaMac.

@$5.45 OR $5.95, sorry can't remmeber :S

So it was pretty messy to eat because well. It's so huge and its put in a stupid box so you have to touch the burger and things are falling out, I don't understand why they don't have the wrapper anymore. Sure, it's not as classy, but really? A box? What am I going to do with a box? It was easier to pick up and hold with a wrapper. Well anyways, soooo I ate :)

Friend: Man I will never eat that...=/
Me: that's because you're pansy xD
I am proud of my comeback :)

Anyways, verdict? Not that great. It was too meaty in some cases, not the best I've had ;). 
Recommendation? Buy two McDoubles ($2) each instead - same meat patties, better taste, & cheaper. You can buy 3 McDoubles if you like xD. I won't judge you fatty. Lol, nah, I eat that much :) (fatty .. ><)

Okay, well the following Monday, I had sushi @unsw! I had an ebi roll and I think it's great if you like sushi. It's not necessary the cheaper option (@$3.50), as rolls are cheaper, but it is a bite longer I think and it's presented nicely with a nice mayonaise-ish sauce. Excuse my bad photo, but here it is :) 

(Note that I already had 1-2 bites). OMG now I'm craving for it! nooo! I won't be at uni again til next year! D:
Verdict: its an okay taste, depends when they make it, prawn isn't crunchy
Recommendation: if you need a quick snack at UNSW and you don't wanna spend alot. But two rolls will probably get you fuller :)
If you like prawns, then you have to try the prawn fry at Market City, level 3, the shop next to Nando's - it's a sushi train and each plate is $3 and if you're a student, like me, all plates are only $2.50!!! wooo <3 :)

Anyways, that's it for my food haul. Posting up more next ;D
toOdles :) xoxo

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