Sunday, November 28, 2010

The morning (afternoon) after the night before.

So I found a little typography that could be my identifier, my label:

hmmm sounds about right. ahaha :) except I have 2-3 blogs... =/ but I'm still boring. However, yesterday wasn't boring and I shall recap :D.


(how hipster, I made the word PURPLE xD. and here's a triangle: ∆)
Yesterday was a hot fine day, unlike today which would have been a total bummer! I hope the weather in Perth is good :D. Yesterday was perfect for my first ever music festival/late night outing :D. And it was hot, even with what I was wearing, which for me isn't much at all! So I went to my friends house at around 11 for pre-festival drinks and gaming and all. And waited. And waited. For other people to arrive D: and it was finall at 2 that we left the house for Redfern/Olympic Park. And oh em gee, I'm so sorry to one of my friends who we left behind at Redfern :S. And I was scared for my life (sorta) when I was wedged in between the doors and my bag got stuck like OMG! D: I was scared the guard was going to come down there and tell me off or push me in or make an announcement not to force the doors open! But yeah... so I got on the train... but one of my friend was left behind! (But in the end he got there)
So first up we were at the mosh pit from like 3:30 - 6ish?? And it was HOT. We had no water and the only water we got was sprayed from the hose ;D LOVED IT but it didn't help as it reminded me of my thirstyness! After that... which was... I think that was after Benny Benassi (?) that we left the mosh pit, but I can't really remember! LOL, so we walked around, got some water and in the end we were at the main stage again waitng for CALVIN HARRIS AND TIESTO! And it was so worth it. I didn't eat anything ALL DAY. But it was great :)


What a cute photo ruined by my DUCK FACE.

Tiesto Lazerrrs.

And after I went Lakemba Maccas to have some Chicken McBites - WIN. :)


  1. Yay, you blogged! :D Excellent! ;)
    I'm so glad that you had an amazing time on Saturday, and that you came out of it alive! HAHA
    How's your body? Are you still sore? Or is it out of your system now? HAHA!

  2. LOL :) It was out of my body once I got home but my knees were so sore at the festival! :(.
    Yes, I am too glad I'm alive :) thanks for asking babe xoxo.