Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just a n00b poem: The moment

I felt like writing, without thinking, without editing, without trying; this is what I came up with. It's pretty bad :( everyone I know writes better than me. I wish I could improve but I just don't know how.

Here I go. 

The purple-tinge in
The night sky
The girl stares
The boy careless
The question received
The false answer
The mistake
The regret
The heart shattered
The rejection
The shot after shot
The attempt to forgive 

The moment blank
The little slip led to
The disappearance

The longing
The instinct, the gut feeling
The realisation led to
The search and then
The finding

The other girl and
The boy in
The embrace
The intimate moment
The lingering
The kiss
The moment
The blackness
The haunting memory

The alcohol did nothing
The tears meant nothing
The promises meant nothing
The scars meant nothing
The girl means nothing
The boy means everything

The pain turns into
The feeling only felt by
The girl 
Cheated, broken, worthless.

The unhappiness
The unliveliness
The neglection
The lack of care

The heart wasted
The moment irreversible
The depression
The death.

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