Thursday, November 11, 2010

Instant memories and random snaps :)

Check out these polaroids my lovelies :)

ahaha excuse the last one; what a nincompoop x). Look at my braces but! they're going to be gone sooo soon :S! I'd miss them heaps. 
Now, of course those aren't real polaroids :) I downloaded this program called Poladroid which turns your photos into polaroid photographs. Heres a link. :) ENJOY!, it's free ;D.
You can fiddle around with it, stop it in the middle of developing etc. I think they make your photos look great :) And link/show me how your photos turn out!

Oh, and can someone get me a job? because I'm failing epic-ly finding one. :( I swear I've applied for 30 now! :( Keep getting rejections. 

About my day :) stop reading if you don't care :)

Well today, all I did was stay at home. I tried to exercise though :) that's an improvement! I tidied my room; trying to make things fit in the smallest spaces xD (hiding mess ahahha). I also drank some honey mixed in water to try improve my skin - honey is supposed to be great cos it moisturises your skin from the inside! :) hopefully it works. I also used some rice water as toner, and just spraying it on my face as a refresher because today was HOT. :D lovely day for the beach no? 
I just stayed home and Omegled with a little TROLOLOL ;) hit me if you know what I'm on about xD.

Tomorrow I'm going to go hunting for some mini-desktop-storage drawers like the Hello Kitty one which I keep my makeup and jewellery in. If I find some I'll take photos of how neat my desk is! ahahahah if you know me in real life, then you know how messy I am; but I've improved! I've been tidying myself and always keeping my clothes (in my wardrobe, not the ones spawled across my bed and chairs) neat and organised :)
YAY SUMMER WARDROBE! but boo, there's some clothes that I wanted to wear for spring weather, but it looks like it's either been COLD or HOT. :( damn Australian weather. Oh wells :)

Oh and I did my nails differently! 3 colours this time :D I'll pic you some other time.
I'll blog again soon! :) 
take care everyone xoxo.

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