Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm in Miami... beach... & beach listography

Or so they say that's what the song's saying... anyways...

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to blog today cos I haven't yet but I'm out of ideas!
But I just wanted to quickly mention that Google Chrome is by far my favourite browser. It kicks Firefox.. well not really, but it certainly kicks Internet Explorer's ass. I understand if some applications work better in IE/mozilla just because of the settings/codes but just for normal browsing Google Chrome is so awesome. It has nice easy bookmarking, opens images in new tabs, Incognito (which is the same as InPrivate for all you IE users ;D), and it lets you search Google/Bing/Yahoo (it actually lets you choose even though its Google Chrome) in the address bar so you don't need a separate search bar.
And for people who cbb doing anything, downloading and installing was GREAT. It installed like, in 5 seconds. Just like 3 clicks or something, and BAM it was done! That was pretty amazing, hands down to Google Chrome.

Ahaha, just realised I reviewed a browser xD. So yeah, Google Chrome Review above guys :D

Now I think I'm going to the beach tomorrow if the weathers good (really hot, but today it rained :( so there's now chances of showers/storms) and I was just thinking what to pack, cos for some reason for this past week I've been obsessing over little things like that and trying to reogranise my life/room. So I was just thinking and planning for tomorrow and I want to help you guys (and future me) list down things I would/should bring to the beach so I wouldn't forget. I mean I'm sure you don't write things down, so I'll just do it for you :) alright, let's get to it:

What to pack for a day at the beach

- towel (dry yourself/sit on)
- sunscreen (waterproof is best)
- sunnies, hat
- swimmers (swim shirt?) and if you're already wearing swimmers
- undergarments (yes ladies, don't forget your bra and underwear)
- thongs/shoes (if shoes, socks)
- bandages/water (for wounds and sandy fingers that need to rub itchy eyes :D)
- hair tie/pins
- plastic bag! (to put all the wet clothes/towel in)
-spare money incase someone steals your wallet
- waterproof pouch/bag for your electronics/wallet
- deodorant/spray
*water gun ;D
*waterproof camera!

that's about it :) hope you guys think these things are essential like I do, and won't forget to pack them :) 
LOL I'd laugh so hard if I forgot them for tomorrow :L 

Anyways, have a great weekend!
:) xoxo.

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