Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hello Kitty x Big W & more 2011 diaries crave

A post about me wanting this, and wanting that. Let's make it super short :)

So the first one are Hello Kitty PJs from BIG W! I want the one on the left because it's really cute and the boxers are uberrr cute :) and it's 22.83 or something for that one.

Those are diaries from Typo which I like. The first one is weekly and costs $25, and the right one is daily (weekends 2 to a page) and is $30. I would rather the daily one for $5 more if I was gonna pay 25 or 30 because it's a lot thicker and prettier. But really, what with diaries these days? Why do you need to be so costly??

Oh and this is just a random snap I took cos I thought it looked pretty :) bows are always pretty :) :

okay, laters :)

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