Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Keep calm; it's only WW3.

Yeah, love me, I made this :)

Keep Calm and Carry On posters <3

Oh, so these are some variations of the 'Keep Calm and Carry On' posters which were made I think by the British Government when it was WWII to keep everyone calm and so they would resume their normal day activities. Now, a poster reminding me to keep calm during war WOULD NOT calm me down, I don't know how these are supposed to work but I love how now there's classy variations of them and I love them and want them for my room :) 
Just a fun bit of trivia incase you were wondering what the hell are these and why are they popping up
(There's a great little advice book called Keep Calm and Carry On which contains little ones which are quotes and inspirational messages, there's also a negative version but I can't remember what it's called at the moment :)) 

You can make your own here: keep-calm-o-matic

Stay safe, happy and KEEP CALM :)

My obsession

Okay, I don't know what it is, but I just made yet another tumblr. So now I have 5 xD.

hit me k? make me pretty <3

it's just because of my Likes (so now I have two tumblrs for my likes) so I can organise it better. This one, unlike clickedtheheartbutton, is dedicated to pretty things - florals, skirts, bows, florals, girls in photographs (wow pervertesque much) and mostly florals :)

so yeah CLICK AWAY :) and follow betches. xD.

altogether I have... 375 followers (not that much but it's me we're talking about ahaha) and I love them all :)

& also you guys are awesome :) xoxo.

Just cos I didn't blog in 24 hours or something: random shizz.

I would love to have this tattoo


but I already have something planned for my hip ;D.

mmm what else do I have to sayy? OH today I went to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part I) and I have to say the acting of course is amazing but the movie itself, well for me it was kinda killed cos it stopped halfway and the excitement was gone because I have to wait 8 months for the next movie. But other than that, of course it was good and worth it! It was a really fast 2 and a half hours too! Can't wait for the next one; it will complete my life :D. 

And I think I'm addicted to KFC Wicked Wings. ahaha. Good thing they're cheap and they come with meals :).

Well thanks for reading :) 
stay lovely and take care now :) xoxo.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The morning (afternoon) after the night before.

So I found a little typography that could be my identifier, my label:

hmmm sounds about right. ahaha :) except I have 2-3 blogs... =/ but I'm still boring. However, yesterday wasn't boring and I shall recap :D.


(how hipster, I made the word PURPLE xD. and here's a triangle: ∆)
Yesterday was a hot fine day, unlike today which would have been a total bummer! I hope the weather in Perth is good :D. Yesterday was perfect for my first ever music festival/late night outing :D. And it was hot, even with what I was wearing, which for me isn't much at all! So I went to my friends house at around 11 for pre-festival drinks and gaming and all. And waited. And waited. For other people to arrive D: and it was finall at 2 that we left the house for Redfern/Olympic Park. And oh em gee, I'm so sorry to one of my friends who we left behind at Redfern :S. And I was scared for my life (sorta) when I was wedged in between the doors and my bag got stuck like OMG! D: I was scared the guard was going to come down there and tell me off or push me in or make an announcement not to force the doors open! But yeah... so I got on the train... but one of my friend was left behind! (But in the end he got there)
So first up we were at the mosh pit from like 3:30 - 6ish?? And it was HOT. We had no water and the only water we got was sprayed from the hose ;D LOVED IT but it didn't help as it reminded me of my thirstyness! After that... which was... I think that was after Benny Benassi (?) that we left the mosh pit, but I can't really remember! LOL, so we walked around, got some water and in the end we were at the main stage again waitng for CALVIN HARRIS AND TIESTO! And it was so worth it. I didn't eat anything ALL DAY. But it was great :)


What a cute photo ruined by my DUCK FACE.

Tiesto Lazerrrs.

And after I went Lakemba Maccas to have some Chicken McBites - WIN. :)

Friday, November 26, 2010


I wanted to enter the lookbook.nu x Supre spring look competition; I just went with this cos I don't have a lot of clothes from Supre xD.

:) that's all! :D

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Just in time :) * post of awesome;

YAY. I got the ticket. "Ticket to what?" you ask? THE TICKET :)

thanks Ailing, who I found on twitter ;D, for being such a dear and coming out all this way in the heat to sell me her ticket :) making me uberrrr excited ahaha!

and here's a photo of my first Green Tea Frappuccino from Starbucks - it tasted weirdd! But I love it xD. 

hope you're having an awesome day and enjoy the summer weather! Only a couple more days til SUMMER and the last month of 2010! yeeeeeeeeee! :)

oh and WATCH GLEE guys. It was an awesome episode :)

*EDIT* Ohhh yeah here are the moustache pencils from sportsgirl I talked about before:

take care & love youu :) xoxo.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

These. I have to get these.


wholesale 2010 Winter new slope with boots ankle boots Women shot boots SD-J-666-6 apricot
I sorta cannot express how much I want these shoes because 1. they look so gorgeous and 2. they are only $14.50 US.
Except shipping might be more than the shoes itself. But still I'd buy it if it was like $50 I guess. Cept I don't know how comfy they are :( imagine I didn't get the right size ><;
oh sighh, life is unfair isn't it? :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Hey guys, just telling you I'm a bit busy for the next couple of days or something, so sorry I don't post :).
I'll be back soon
<3 xoxo
I'll leave you some pictures to look at:

I want this shirt:

My wishilist says I want a white tattoo, this is what a white tattoo looks like :)

Okay, that's all people :) and remember:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Loving my $5 floral shorts from Dotti

once again sorry for the bad webcam quality
I bought these from DFO Homebush for $5! (at Dotti). They were originally $49.95 but they were having a huge sale and I scored them for $5. They're comfy, and I don't find them ugly at all! :) There are other floral prints that I like more than these ones, but for $5, c'mon, they're fine. I'll buy other ones too cos this one was so cheap :) can't wait to get back there again and hopefully theres another sale like this one!
(I got a dress that was originally $79.95 for $10!!!! fckkk yes!)

I like bows.

Bow ring I got from Diva for $3 :) it's really pretty! sorry for the crappy webcam quality, I'll take a better picture another time.
And I'll blog more soon.
Stay happy okay? xoxo.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

and I'll never love again.

I don't think I can be happy anymore, or love anymore, if I don't get to go :(. sigh.

So pho.. so fat :(

Hey guys :) how's everyone? Just gonna blog about my day & yesterday :)

So yesterday I went DFO with my parents and I grabbed heaps of stuff! BARGAIN! I spent $2.50 - $20 :) but saved like a whopping 260? 270? :) Feels great to save money! :) and I'm proud to be a cheap asian. Why spend more when you can buy more for less? I'll just end up with more things that you :)
Anyways, my favourite buys would have to be from Dotti where I bought A dress for $10, and a shirt and shorts for $5 each, and right there I saved... $135 =)! WOO :) they're sooo pretty :) I'd have to take photos and show you all :).

And today :) I went Bankstown! And yeah, Bankstown's really common but today I had a first :) I went to Pho An restaurant and had pho! OMG! :D I had Pho Bo Tai today (Number 1 on the menu) and I could only read some of the Chinese on the menu, so I just ordered the first one as it meant "raw beef pho". So, next time, you should go with someone who can read Vietnamese or Chinese :) or ask what your friends like eating before eating there! I should've took photos but that completely escaped me today! I was having so much fun :(. But don't worry, next time I go I will take photos! It was great! I had a medium but regret not getting a large. It's only a dollar extra (at $13) after all.

And now I crave pho really badly :(

After a while, I went to get Red Lea (in the 'more' new part of Centro) chips to try their Chips with Red salt and Chicken salt and it was different :) I haven't had Red Lea chips in ages and I'm sure their red salt is different from the ones before, but oh wells. Now I feel bad for spending money and eating junk foods ><.

Also, yesterday, I bought a 1TB desktop external HDD from Harvey Norman! Ahhh, and they failed once again. I hate Harvey Norman with a passion; I've been unfortunate enough to fall for their false advertising, their faulty products, but now, I'm top dog :D. So I saw the harddrive for $88 at their Bondi Jn store, and went to the Auburn store with money, thinking of buying it, however they had it for $96, even though its only $8 more (but saving the $8 paid for my Gloria Jeans and Red Lea chips today :)) so I told them, and they had to PRICE MATCH THEIR OWN STORE. How fail is that??

anyways, I'm still looking for a job! sighhh! Wish me luck for my G-STAR interview okay? :)
Finished for this post :) Sorry for the boring blah blah text :) [edit: to make this post more appealing, I added an image] I'll try take more photos next time...
especially if when I get my DSLR :) I want a job sooo bad now because I found the flickr/tumblr/blogspot of this amazing male photographer from Sydney whose photos are featured nearly everywhere you look.
Ok, now I'm done =)
Take care and stay awesome guys!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hello Kitty x Big W & more 2011 diaries crave

A post about me wanting this, and wanting that. Let's make it super short :)

So the first one are Hello Kitty PJs from BIG W! I want the one on the left because it's really cute and the boxers are uberrr cute :) and it's 22.83 or something for that one.

Those are diaries from Typo which I like. The first one is weekly and costs $25, and the right one is daily (weekends 2 to a page) and is $30. I would rather the daily one for $5 more if I was gonna pay 25 or 30 because it's a lot thicker and prettier. But really, what with diaries these days? Why do you need to be so costly??

Oh and this is just a random snap I took cos I thought it looked pretty :) bows are always pretty :) :

okay, laters :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm in Miami... beach... & beach listography

Or so they say that's what the song's saying... anyways...

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to blog today cos I haven't yet but I'm out of ideas!
But I just wanted to quickly mention that Google Chrome is by far my favourite browser. It kicks Firefox.. well not really, but it certainly kicks Internet Explorer's ass. I understand if some applications work better in IE/mozilla just because of the settings/codes but just for normal browsing Google Chrome is so awesome. It has nice easy bookmarking, opens images in new tabs, Incognito (which is the same as InPrivate for all you IE users ;D), and it lets you search Google/Bing/Yahoo (it actually lets you choose even though its Google Chrome) in the address bar so you don't need a separate search bar.
And for people who cbb doing anything, downloading and installing was GREAT. It installed like, in 5 seconds. Just like 3 clicks or something, and BAM it was done! That was pretty amazing, hands down to Google Chrome.

Ahaha, just realised I reviewed a browser xD. So yeah, Google Chrome Review above guys :D

Now I think I'm going to the beach tomorrow if the weathers good (really hot, but today it rained :( so there's now chances of showers/storms) and I was just thinking what to pack, cos for some reason for this past week I've been obsessing over little things like that and trying to reogranise my life/room. So I was just thinking and planning for tomorrow and I want to help you guys (and future me) list down things I would/should bring to the beach so I wouldn't forget. I mean I'm sure you don't write things down, so I'll just do it for you :) alright, let's get to it:

What to pack for a day at the beach

- towel (dry yourself/sit on)
- sunscreen (waterproof is best)
- sunnies, hat
- swimmers (swim shirt?) and if you're already wearing swimmers
- undergarments (yes ladies, don't forget your bra and underwear)
- thongs/shoes (if shoes, socks)
- bandages/water (for wounds and sandy fingers that need to rub itchy eyes :D)
- hair tie/pins
- plastic bag! (to put all the wet clothes/towel in)
-spare money incase someone steals your wallet
- waterproof pouch/bag for your electronics/wallet
- deodorant/spray
*water gun ;D
*waterproof camera!

that's about it :) hope you guys think these things are essential like I do, and won't forget to pack them :) 
LOL I'd laugh so hard if I forgot them for tomorrow :L 

Anyways, have a great weekend!
:) xoxo.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

fly with me, take me away from here ~


Instant memories and random snaps :)

Check out these polaroids my lovelies :)

ahaha excuse the last one; what a nincompoop x). Look at my braces but! they're going to be gone sooo soon :S! I'd miss them heaps. 
Now, of course those aren't real polaroids :) I downloaded this program called Poladroid which turns your photos into polaroid photographs. Heres a link. :) ENJOY!, it's free ;D.
You can fiddle around with it, stop it in the middle of developing etc. I think they make your photos look great :) And link/show me how your photos turn out!

Oh, and can someone get me a job? because I'm failing epic-ly finding one. :( I swear I've applied for 30 now! :( Keep getting rejections. 

About my day :) stop reading if you don't care :)

Well today, all I did was stay at home. I tried to exercise though :) that's an improvement! I tidied my room; trying to make things fit in the smallest spaces xD (hiding mess ahahha). I also drank some honey mixed in water to try improve my skin - honey is supposed to be great cos it moisturises your skin from the inside! :) hopefully it works. I also used some rice water as toner, and just spraying it on my face as a refresher because today was HOT. :D lovely day for the beach no? 
I just stayed home and Omegled with a little TROLOLOL ;) hit me if you know what I'm on about xD.

Tomorrow I'm going to go hunting for some mini-desktop-storage drawers like the Hello Kitty one which I keep my makeup and jewellery in. If I find some I'll take photos of how neat my desk is! ahahahah if you know me in real life, then you know how messy I am; but I've improved! I've been tidying myself and always keeping my clothes (in my wardrobe, not the ones spawled across my bed and chairs) neat and organised :)
YAY SUMMER WARDROBE! but boo, there's some clothes that I wanted to wear for spring weather, but it looks like it's either been COLD or HOT. :( damn Australian weather. Oh wells :)

Oh and I did my nails differently! 3 colours this time :D I'll pic you some other time.
I'll blog again soon! :) 
take care everyone xoxo.

Just a n00b poem: The moment

I felt like writing, without thinking, without editing, without trying; this is what I came up with. It's pretty bad :( everyone I know writes better than me. I wish I could improve but I just don't know how.

Here I go. 

The purple-tinge in
The night sky
The girl stares
The boy careless
The question received
The false answer
The mistake
The regret
The heart shattered
The rejection
The shot after shot
The attempt to forgive 

The moment blank
The little slip led to
The disappearance

The longing
The instinct, the gut feeling
The realisation led to
The search and then
The finding

The other girl and
The boy in
The embrace
The intimate moment
The lingering
The kiss
The moment
The blackness
The haunting memory

The alcohol did nothing
The tears meant nothing
The promises meant nothing
The scars meant nothing
The girl means nothing
The boy means everything

The pain turns into
The feeling only felt by
The girl 
Cheated, broken, worthless.

The unhappiness
The unliveliness
The neglection
The lack of care

The heart wasted
The moment irreversible
The depression
The death.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vision of Feminity :) - HAUL

This is a haul, meaning it's stuff that I bought recently that I wanna share with you :) it's mostly girl stuff and I think only some girls are interested in this, so yeah. I wanna post it anyways cos it's MY BLOG :D

Today is hot isn't it? :)

I know people do these in videos, but who wants to hear me talk and watch me drop stuff everywhere? Oh and, I don't know how to put the pictures next to each other, I'll try because I don't want this to be a long post :)
Okay, so I cant :( I can't figure out how to do that, so here it goes.

Princess Highway skirt (it's really long because it goes from waist to knee) & belt - Vinnies

Garnier Mineral Deodorant/Anti-perspirant - $3 SALE from $4.08 - Big W
 I bought these because they are just sooo cute! And they smell pretty nice, there's 4 types; I bought Fresh and Ultra Dry (cos it's SUMMER! :D), I've yet to try them out. 


* Sally Hansen Salon Nail Lacquer in Can't bear to know innocence - 13mL $3 - Chemist Warehouse; it has a rubbery grip lid/holder which feels nice and won't slip :) better control I guess.
* Maybelline Instant Age Rewind: Under eye concealer in Dark - 11mL $5 - Chemist Warehouse; looks like a lipgloss tube with a super skinny 'mouth', like an echidna
* 2 x Lacura Automatic Twist up eyeliner pencils in Black and Charcoal - $4 each - ALDI; I know right, ALDI sounds so dodgy but they're alright. Sometimes my eye feels funny, but I'm not sure if it's due to a lack of sleep or if it's due to using it :S 

and last but not least; (because this cost me $15.85)
my lovely Vogue Italia - Fashion in 3D - Autumn/Winter Italy.
:):):) MIRANDA KERR loveliness :) 
fashionocity :) 

horay :) I can't believe I found it randomly in a newsagents in Burwood when I've been looking all over the city for this and GQ with Dianna Agron (<3), Cory Monteith and Lea Michele on the cover. Anyone know where I can get it? 

Anyways, gonna gets my GLEEK on now! Cos it's GLEEE TIME :D streaming it :)
have fun today! xoxo.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

FY FINISHED :):) + listography: things to do this summer

I finished my first official year of uni!!! (I don't know if I have to do summer semester, but, whatever) WOOOOOOO :):)

It is awesome that now I'm at uni, I actually get the whole summer off! :) so here's some stuff I'd be doing this summer :) wanna do them with me too?
  • exercise :) imma fatass - and remember, walking or just jogging or crunches for 10 mins per day is better than nothing :)
  • sort out my wardrobe
  • tumblr.
  • cleaning/tidying my room even more.
  • look for a job/hopefully work
  • save money $$
  • take photos
  • tumblr.
  • bake cakes and cookies and everything nice
  • Catch up on BLEACH, NCIS, Hellcats, and start some new series :D
  • draw :) learn to draw
  • play my guitar/learn to play guitar :)
  • sing and learn to sing ... lots of learning :D
more to come :D
have a lovely holiday everyone! and bring on the SUMMER. (meteorologist predict that it will be really rainy and very below average weather due to la nina... bitch. lols . :( hope its not true!! :))


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Are you ready? Yes this is a cult. Jump and touch the sky.

Closer to the edge - 30 Seconds to Mars.
This is what I'm talking about.
I love this song/clip, but I especially love everything from 3:00 onwards :) <3


Hey guise! :D We're turtles :3 we used to live in a claw machine at Capitols but now we live with Shirley. :)

ahhhh~ awkward turtle xS

Lol, I only said they were turtles for the sake of awkward turtle, but they're tortoises i think. i dunno. turtles sound more cute and it's more common. besides, not all asian soft toys look like what they are :) 
awkward turtle <3.
I'll try to do a post where I have all the things me and Joss won from Capitol & Prize Paradize up. It's gonna be one big post! :D

Friday, November 5, 2010

om nom nom.!

Hey guys! How have you been? So, I've been absent due to exams but I can blog for a bit now :) this post is long overdue, but better late than never! :)

So last Saturday (30.10.10) I had a morning exam T__T gg. It was 8:45 in the morning! on Saturday! well anyways. It was maths and it was hard as :(. So when my friend drove me and another friend home, we decided to stop at maccas for some comfort (well I needed comfort, my friends are both guys so yeah) food. I had a go at the MegaMac.

@$5.45 OR $5.95, sorry can't remmeber :S

So it was pretty messy to eat because well. It's so huge and its put in a stupid box so you have to touch the burger and things are falling out, I don't understand why they don't have the wrapper anymore. Sure, it's not as classy, but really? A box? What am I going to do with a box? It was easier to pick up and hold with a wrapper. Well anyways, soooo I ate :)

Friend: Man I will never eat that...=/
Me: that's because you're pansy xD
I am proud of my comeback :)

Anyways, verdict? Not that great. It was too meaty in some cases, not the best I've had ;). 
Recommendation? Buy two McDoubles ($2) each instead - same meat patties, better taste, & cheaper. You can buy 3 McDoubles if you like xD. I won't judge you fatty. Lol, nah, I eat that much :) (fatty .. ><)

Okay, well the following Monday, I had sushi @unsw! I had an ebi roll and I think it's great if you like sushi. It's not necessary the cheaper option (@$3.50), as rolls are cheaper, but it is a bite longer I think and it's presented nicely with a nice mayonaise-ish sauce. Excuse my bad photo, but here it is :) 

(Note that I already had 1-2 bites). OMG now I'm craving for it! nooo! I won't be at uni again til next year! D:
Verdict: its an okay taste, depends when they make it, prawn isn't crunchy
Recommendation: if you need a quick snack at UNSW and you don't wanna spend alot. But two rolls will probably get you fuller :)
If you like prawns, then you have to try the prawn fry at Market City, level 3, the shop next to Nando's - it's a sushi train and each plate is $3 and if you're a student, like me, all plates are only $2.50!!! wooo <3 :)

Anyways, that's it for my food haul. Posting up more next ;D
toOdles :) xoxo

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I have so many things to say

but I'm too scared to say them. I don't wanna be bitchy, but inside it's eating me alive and if I don't say anything I'll just keep getting hurt. The wrongs will just keep happening. I thought other people would help me, but they're not. So what should I do? Should I say it out loud? Should I keep it to myself?
Sorry I'm so sad :( but I just don't know what to do anymore. It's building up inside me, it's fading me away.
One day, soon, I'll be gone.

... I'm too chicken to say anything :( And even if I did imply/say it, no one listens...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Should I take a leap of faith?

You're waiting for a train. 
A train that will take you far away. 
You know where you hope this train will take you 
but you can't know for sure. 
Yet it doesn't matter 
because we'll be together...

Death is the only escape.