Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You're only going to live once.

Okay, if you're Buddhist you won't agree with my title, but what I meant is that, you only live once as you. As you in this time - at this moment.
You only live once. (8) So take a chance and don't ever look back.

How's everyone? I wasn't going to blog today. Today's a sad day :( I was fully looking foward to getting into bball too. Start liking what... he likes...  but hey, here I am and I don't even know what to blog about lol.

Ah got it. Have you ever intended to give someone something but then it was so pretty you want it all for yourself? LOL, may it be something you made, something you bought, or something that you have and want to sell. That's what happened to me today! I found a lovely present for my friend who's birthday is coming up and my mum told me o keep it cos it suits me and it's so pretty! Ahahaha, but I'm not though, but I would want one for myself xD. I'm not even sure if she'll like it or not. I'm not even sure if she'll use it or not. LOL, oh wells, it's a present and I hope she likes it :).

Stupid weather isn't it? It was half dark and half sunny. Half hot and half cold. Sorta like me at the moment. Stuck in the middle. Happy or sad. Regret or relief? Oh wells.

Sorta freaking out cos maths is in THREE DAYS! I might die. I might just die. I don't know how to apply those formulas in my notes to anything! I don't know how to solve these problems! Why didn't I study throughout the year? Why didn't I try to understand? Oh, that's right; I was so flooded with assessments! How could I've studied regularly without feeling tired all the time? I'm not really a smart person, or a person that is diligent (despite that all teachers in high school described me as so) I'm not hard working. I rather sit at home watching youtube, tumblr`ing or facebook`ing. And now this is what happens to me. Lol, well if you have exams, hopefully you're more well prepared than I am!

I'll blog more later ok? Good luck everyone!
xoxo :)

Summary of my day:

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